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Check Out This Vegan Celebrities List and What Urged them towards Veganism

by | January 2, 2019

Check out this vegan celebrities list. Celebrities have the power to shape the way you see or think about a particular issue. As persons who are constantly in the limelight, it is not at all surprising to see just how powerful they are no matter the situation. One of the more controversial and intriguing happenings today are celebrities switching to a vegan diet.

vegan celebrities list
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Vegan Celebrities List and What Urged them towards Veganism

Today, there is no denying that the world is undergoing climate change. Despite Trump’s denial and even outright disregard for this global occurrence, there have been numerous personalities that have come to address this particular happening.

Now, you might be wondering what role veganism plays in these situations. First and foremost, according to a study conducted by the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC), a shift in American diets between 2005 and 2014 alone have drastically cut the climate-warming pollution and carbon footprint by 10 percent. During this period, consumers had taken in 19 percent less beef and a reduced intake of other animal-based products such as milk and pork. Grab the copy of the study here.

Despite the drop in numbers, it is quite surprising to note that the United States remains to be the top consumer of beef products. With fast food items being the people’s go-to dishes, it has become the norm to see beef and other animal products being consumed on a daily basis. To answer the call of the time and to bring to light their advocacies, below is the vegan celebrities list who made a drastic change in their lifestyle:


Natalie Portman

This critically-acclaimed actress continues to make waves everywhere she goes. Natalie Portman made the switch to a vegan lifestyle 7 years ago, after being vegetarian since age 9. In part, her decision to embrace this lifestyle can be attributed to Jonathan Safran Foer’s book, Eating Animals.

She has felt so strongly about the ethical consumption of food and the environment these animals are raised that she has produced and narrated a documentary on Eating Animals. Here she explores not only the conditions which affect these animals but also how such aspects leave a huge impact on consumers. From this, you can see that she is very passionate about calling attention to injustices practiced in the industry.

Venus Williams

A celebrated athlete, Venus Williams is not one to shy away from living the vegan lifestyle. While most individuals from the sidelines might balk at the thought of protein being obtained through more “natural” and rawer sources, Williams is different.

Suffering from Sjögren’s syndrome, Williams’ autoimmune disease affected the way she played. As a way to address her concerns, she turned to veganism not only to enhance her health but also to improve her overall athletic performance on the court. From this, you can see that a diet change can significantly change one’s life for the better.


The effervescent Madonna continues to stun millions around the world not only with singing and dancing skills but also with her discipline. Unknown to many, this Queen of Pop’s secret to staying fit and healthy is a macrobiotic diet. Taking a leaf out of veganism, this singer takes it one step further by meshing food with culture. Here, whole grains, vegetables, and seaweeds take center stage.

You see, veganism isn’t just a diet. As a matter of fact, with these personalities, it has become a lifestyle. If you want to lead a guilt-free yet healthy life, make sure to shift to veganism today.

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