The Bravado of Not Being Manly Enough While Vegan

by | December 12, 2018

For a lifestyle that will literally result in saving the planet, veganism has to be one of the most misunderstood diets out there. Cavemen fixated questions about teeth-size, desert-island boating mishaps and what your great-grandfather to the power of 300 would have done eating-wise to survive the Roman occupation abound. If being a man, was simply manly enough for their peers. 

In particular, and I write, from a man’s perspective, the vegan myth business seems to have a particular relish for the male half of the human species.  Somehow, blending the worst traits of omnivorous dietary ignorance with the worn-out creed of “just be a man” we arrive at the stereotype of pasty, malnourished individuals who are not only weaklings but something less then they should be in comparison to non-vegan males.

Of course, female vegans are also susceptible to the vegan myth rumor-mill, and that is wrong too.  For male vegans though, there is a particular burden to bear, if they are manly enough while being vegan.  Whether that stems from history, social norms or a hangover from too much high-school testosterone, or all three, is open to debate.

manly enough
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What is Manly Enough?

On the contrary, there are a growing number of world-class athletes and sportsmen, and women who are vegan.   Veganism is no constraint on physical strength.  If anything, the opposite is true as it allows for lower body fat, reduced cholesterol and less risk of preventable disease, among other things.

Veganism is also about done eating strength of mind and strength of character.  Compassion and integrity aren’t things you can get from going to the gym.  But no constraint certainly can get them through a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle.

In particular man, be he your husband, son, father or brother, shows himself to be compassionate, kind and always values mercy over misery.  Very much a vegan guy and be one with it too.

And for grandfather FYI:  your author stands 6’ 5”, weighs 260 pounds, (tried to) play rugby for years, cooks a mean vegan vindaloo curry and is presently eyeing up the house as to where to place the 2019 “CuteKittens” calendar, which is manly enough for me.

It’s a vegan guy kind of a deal.

Dave Hewitt

An Ohio-based British Masters post-graduate, and ever since I was a little kid growing up in 70s England, I’ve always hated animal cruelty and injustice, and vegan for six years. The sense of sticking up for the voiceless, the persecuted and the powerless remains as strong as ever. Married to Monica, my vegan life partner who works for NASA, we’ve been in Ohio since 2015, and have managed to drive on the other side of the road without incident thus far.


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