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Vegan Russell Brand Reveals He Isn’t Anti-Hunting?

by | April 25, 2019

Russell Brand, vegan comedian, actor, and activist is a well-known name within the plant-based community. Last month, he had announced his return to veganism on Twitter since he had fallen out from the vegan lifestyle he had originally tried back in 2011.

Brand sat down with American comedian and proud animal hunter, Joe Rogan, on his podcast series the Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan has been known to be very anti-vegan, once calling vegans “f***ing dipsh*ts.” In the podcast, Brand revealed that he’s actually against “anti-hunting.”

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Vegan Russell Brand Reveals He Isn’t Anti-Hunting?

In the podcast, Brand and Rogan talk about hunting, Rogan talking about a weird “pro-hunting” side where he seems to think that hunting animals is mercy-killing, that they would die anyway, that only mature animals who have already “passed on their genes” are being hunted, and that apparently the animals would always brutally die in natural anyways at the hands of other animals concluding in what he calls a “very violent death.”

Initially, Russell Brand seems to be on the ethical side of things, saying how he personally could never hunt an animal. As the podcast goes on, Brand, however, reveals that he doesn’t agree with the idea of “anti-hunting” and that he doesn’t wish to impose his opinions and ideologies on others.

“If someone like me who don’t eat meat, don’t eat animal products, and wouldn’t hunt for ethical reasons starts trying to impose on other people like, “No you shouldn’t hunt because this or that, have you not watched Bambi?”, that’s going to mean that people aren’t able to explore who they are. I’ve let go of judging people around things that I don’t agree with because I reckon that I don’t know everything… If people said to me, “I’m thinking about going hunting”, I’d go “Well, these are my feelings about it, however, though I just heard that hunting does contribute apparently to the survival of some species…”

Russell’s talk with Joe Rogan/ Joe Rogan Experience Podcast/ YouTube
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Brand’s stance on hunting is very different than that of many vegans, but what do you think? Can you be vegan and “pro-hunting”? Is being on the neutral side of things a good idea?

How do you feel about what Russell Brand said on the topic of “anti-hunting”? Let me know in the comments below.

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One Response to “Vegan Russell Brand Reveals He Isn’t Anti-Hunting?”

  1. Robert
    April 26th, 2019 @ 5:14 pm

    Two intelligent people having a respectful conversation about an issue that they see differently (strongly). And…. they can acknowledge their different perspectives, exchange facts & ideas, and still respect one another. I hope others can see this. You may want to consider… that perhaps listening to the actual podcast, in full context, would be appropriate. Cheers !

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