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Mother Accuses Supermarket Giant Aldi of Copying Her Pram Cover Design

by | April 27, 2019

A mother and a successful entrepreneur from Surrey has recently accused the British supermarket giant Aldi of copying the sunshade design that she crafted nine years back called “SnoozeShade.” The product by Aldi is set to go on sale on April 24th.

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Supermarket Giant Aldi Accused by Woman for Copying a Pram Cover Design She Created

Cara Sayer, from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, is a mother and a successful entrepreneur. Nine years back, she created a pram cover named SnoozeShade which could be attached to prams to give youngsters sun protection. Just recently, Sayer became furious after the British supermarket giant Aldi announced the release of a product of the same category: a pram cover called Sunshade, which is scheduled to go on sale April 24th at a price tag £10 cheaper than Sayer’s trademarked version, which retailed at £19.

According to Daily Mail, the woman became furious after she learned that the supermarket was selling a product very similar to hers. She took the matter to social media. Sayer reportedly made the product nine years back when her daughter Holly (now nine-years-old) was born. In a post on Twitter, the woman wrote, tagging the British supermarket, “So @AldiUK has copied my product (…).” She even posted the images of both the product’s advert, emphasizing how similar her’s is from that of Aldi’s new launch.

Credit: @SnoozeShade/ Twitter

“I’m devastated as a loyal Aldi customer that this has been done. My product is a world first. It’s unique. You cannot make the same quality as mine for £10! This is a photo of both. Let’s play spot the difference,” she wrote in the tweet.

An Aldi spokesperson commenting on the matter said, like many similar products in the market, their SunShade too helps little ones stay safe and comfortable out of the sun.

“I have invested tens of thousands of pounds getting my products safety tested(…)”

“I have invested tens of thousands of pounds getting the safety of my product tested,” said Sayer to Daily Mail, going on to explain that her product is safe for newborns. She came to know about the product after one of her customers messaged her with the picture of the supermarket giant Aldi’s product, shocking her. Sayer reportedly launched her pram cover after finding moms using blankets and cardigans to cover their prams. According to her, Aldi even has similarities in describing the product, using the key terms used by SnoozeShade.

What do you think about the incident? Have you heard a similar case before? Let me know in the comments.

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