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Doomsday Clock for Animals Set Up in London

by | February 20, 2019

As part of the global Million Dollar Vegan campaign, a digital counter has been set up in Brick Lane in London to highlight the number of animals killed for food, every day in the UK. The doomsday clock for animals is part of a campaign launched by the founders of Veganuary, Matthew Glover and Jane Land.

Doomsday Clock for Animals Set Up in London

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Doomsday Clock for Animals Set Up in London

The campaign is hoping to bring attention to the relationship between animal agriculture and world hunger, to show the connection between the loss of species and deforestation, and to highlight the effect that our diet has on our health. The mission of the doomsday clock for animals and the Million Dollar Vegan campaign is to fight climate change with a change in diet and to draw much-needed attention to the inhumane, cruel and heartbreaking suffering of farm animals.

Last week the campaign called on Pope Francis to go Vegan for the month of Lent, to set an example as one of the worlds most influential leaders. The campaign offered to donate one million dollars to a charity of the Pope’s choice if he went vegan for the forty days and forty nights of the Catholic Lenten period. Pope Francis has been outspoken about environmental issues in the past. The head-honcho of the Roman Catholic Church has a lot of influence, considering there are over one billion Roman Catholics in the world.

One of the campaigns youngest supporters, Genesis Butler, was locked out of her Instagram account last week, in a move her mother calls a ‘violation of her free speech.’ The pint-sized activist was apparently locked out of her account for being too young.

The Million Dollar Vegan campaign is supported by many famous vegan celebrities, including Woody Harrelson, Moby, Evanna Lynch, Benjamin Zephaniah, Chris Packham, Paul McCartney, Joaquin Phoenix, and PCRM founder Dr. Neal Barnard.

What is your take on setting up a doomsday clock for animals? Let me know in the comments below.

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