Credits: Polsin Sinsamoe/ Facebook

Marathon Runner Rescues Puppy During The Race

by | February 6, 2019

A lot of times runners will sign up for races to get a super blinged-out finishers medal, but one lucky runner in Bangkok got something a lot fluffier for her efforts. This marathon runner rescues puppy during the race! How wonderful is that!


Marathon Runner Rescues Puppy
Credits: Polsin Sinsamoe/ Facebook
Marathon Runner Rescues Puppy During Race

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Marathon Runner Rescues Puppy During Race

In January, a runner from Bangkok ran nineteen miles of a marathon cradling a puppy that she had rescued during the race. Khemjira Klongsanun saw the little puppy at the side of the road. She couldn’t see the mother or an owner nearby. Even though Khemjira was only seven miles into the marathon, she couldn’t leave the helpless pup just sitting there, so she decided to scoop him up, the trembling little Thai bangkaew and carried him with her for the remaining nineteen miles. Talk about being ‘dog-tired.’

The marathoner wanted to make sure that the puppy was taken care of and afterward returned to where she found him to double check for an owner or mother looking for him. She then decided to take the pup home to live with her and her other dogs. The pup, who is now named Chombueng, has since been checked out by a vet.

Khemjira said that running almost twenty miles was indeed a challenge and it was much more tiring than a usual puppy-free marathon, but she did it anyway because he was so cute. It took her a long time to get him all set with vet checkups and vaccinations, but she’s glad to have saved the very smart boy. She hopes he’ll be happy living with her.

It seemed to Khemjira that this little guy was lost. There were no houses, no dogs, or people around. So, she picked up the puppy, to take him out of the unsafe environment.

This takes rescuing a dog to a whole new level. I know when I’m running a marathon I get so tired that I can’t even hold onto a water bottle, I couldn’t imagine carrying a puppy. This ‘marathon runner rescues puppy during the race’ has to be the sweetest news update I came across in a while.

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