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Pregnancy Insomnia: Some Tips to Sleeping Better

by | February 5, 2019

Pregnancy insomnia is real. Most parents-to-be have heard the horror stories from other parents about how they’re never going to sleep again once the baby arrives. Show me a mom-to-be who hasn’t been told ‘catch up on sleep now, because when the baby arrives, that’s it for eighteen years,’ because I don’t think she exists. What a lot of pregnant women don’t realize is that the sleep deprivation can start in pregnancy.

Pregnancy Insomnia: Some Tips to Sleeping Better
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Pregnancy Insomnia: Some Tips to Sleeping Better

Pregnancy fatigue is an extremely common pregnancy symptom, but what happens when you’re exhausted on top of not being able to sleep properly? Pregnancy insomnia is also a very common symptom of pregnancy. Pregnancy insomnia is difficulty falling and or staying asleep.

Pregnancy fatigue is almost universal during pregnancy, and it usually begins in the first trimester, whereas Insomnia is more common during the third trimester. It might be because you struggle to find a comfortable position to sleep in, or maybe you’re getting up many times a night to use the bathroom. Maybe you’re just lying there worrying about impending parenthood.

Here’s a few tips and techniques to help you get some rest if you’re suffering from pregnancy insomnia.

  • Try some new sleeping positions.
  • Try to relax yourself before bed by taking a warm bath or getting a massage.
  • Try setting your room up to sleep comfortably. Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature. Try playing some relaxing sounds that can help make you fall asleep.
  • Try some relaxation techniques to help make you sleepy, like meditation, yoga or something that you may have learned in your childbirth class.
  • If you still can’t fall asleep, try getting up and reading, eating a snack, or drinking a warm drink.
  • Try to exercise regularly every day.
  • Try to take little naps during the day, but don’t nap for too long as it can interfere with your nighttime sleep.

Do you suffer from pregnancy insomnia? Let us know in the comments below.

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