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Candidal Vaginitis During Pregnancy- Symptoms, Causes And Precautions

by | January 18, 2019

We all have been there at some point of time, squirming uncomfortably in a chair because something is not right down there. It itches or well, smells a little more off than unusual. Vaginal infections are common but does it raise a big red flag if you’re pregnant? Know all about the most common type of vaginal infection: candidal vaginitis during pregnancy.

Candidal Vaginitis During Pregnancy
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Candidal Vaginitis During Pregnancy

What is Candidal Vaginitis?

Candidal vulvovaginitis is the most frequently occurring vaginal infection during pregnancy. It is uncomfortable but not the end of the world. You need not worry about you and your precious baby’s safety. According to a research, Candida species resides in the vagina of 20% women and the number rises to 30% during pregnancy. Most episodes of candida vaginitis during pregnancy occur during the second and third trimester.

It is commonly believed that candidal vaginitis occurs due to higher levels of estrogen hormone and high glycogen presence in vaginal secretions during pregnancy. This increase the risk of a woman developing candidal vaginitis during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Candidal Vaginitis

The most common symptoms of vaginitis are irritation, itching, burning sensation during urination, painful intercourse and heavier foul smelling discharge than usual. You may or may not experience redness near peri-anal skin and/or vulva. You might experience fishy odor after intercourse.

Treatment and Precautions

If you have been experiencing any of the vaginal infection symptoms during pregnancy, consult your gynecologist and do not attempt self-treating at home, however tempting it might be. Wearing loose cotton clothing that allows air circulation can help alleviate the symptoms. Keep the vulva region clean and as moist free as possible. Exercise caution while using vaginal applicators or creams. Speak to your doctor before you take any over the counter drugs.

If you are unsure about dietary changes needed to help fight off the infection, here’s a list of 5 foods to avoid when on Candida diet.

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