Credits: @chantellegshore/ Instagram

Chantelle Connelly Fires Back At Pregnancy Haters

by | January 22, 2019

Geordie Shore star Chantelle Connelly hits back brutally at pregnancy haters after she was accused of faking her pregnancy.

The Geordie Shore star had announced her pregnancy, back in September, after she entered into a relationship with Lee. She recently took to Instagram, to post a close up picture of her stomach, while wearing Calvin Klein that she captioned, “Roll on my baby bod, I’m too excited.”

Chantelle Connelly Fires Back At Pregnancy Haters
Credits: @chantellegshore/ Instagram
Chantelle Connelly posted this picture on Instagram captioning it:
‘Roll on my baby bod, I’m too excited’

But this didn’t seem to go down too well with one fellow netizen who questioned her claims. The keyboard warrior speculated Connelly was faking her pregnancy since her slim frame didn’t match up with the warrior’s expectations of a pregnant body. The comment read, “There was a post months ago about her being pregnant before I even fell pregnant. I’ve got a bump and I was fat as well. She’s like a stick with no bump, she ain’t pregnant. It’s sick how people can lie about this s***.”

Chantelle Connelly Fires Back At Pregnancy Haters

Deciding she’s had enough of the hating, Connelly fired back in an epic rant. In a series of Instagram post, the reality star hit back at the pregnancy haters in full style. She posted the pictures of her baby scan, that she went through on December 29th, captioning it, “My beautiful baby boy.”

Credits: @chantellegshore/ Instagram
Pictures of her baby scan carrying the time stamp of 29th December 2018

In another post, she shared the screenshot of the hateful comment while adding her own comeback to it stating, “Wow get on this sick, hating, fat f*** saying I’m lying about being pregnant ’cause I ain’t fat b****** like herself.”

Credits: @chantellegshore/ Instagram
Chantelle Connelly shut her critics well

In the last and final blow to the pregnancy hater, Connelly shared her mirror selfie showing off her enviable pregnancy body and abs in a lacy bra outfit. She captioned it, “My baby bump at five and a half months. No wonder b****** be hating.”

Credits: @chantellegshore/ Instagram

Well, we hope this current trend of hating pregnant celebrities who don’t have a big bump stops soon.

Have you ever faced any hateful comment during pregnancy? Share with us in the comments below.

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