Chatting with UK-Based Eco-Friendly Vegan Brand Greenscents

by | June 5, 2019

Organic and natural cleaning products company Greenscents was founded in 2011 by Peter and Christina Hawkes. Greenscents is based in Somerset, UK, and is the eco-friendly vegan brand renowned as an award-winning and ethical company selling products worldwide. Raise Vegan had the opportunity to chat with co-founder Christina about Greenscents’ history of excellence, their global distribution, vegan lifestyle & more.

Eco-Friendly Vegan Brand

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Chatting with UK-Based Eco-Friendly Vegan Brand Greenscents

Here are the excerpts from the chat.

Greenscents earning the title bestowed by Ethical Consumer in 2017 of “most ethical brand available in the UK” for laundry liquid, washing up liquid and multi-surface sprays” is quite impressive.  What do you attribute to Greenscents accolades & excellence?

Christina: There is a huge difference between Greenscents and the competition as our products are all certified organic with The Soil Association.  This means our ingredients are stringently examined and sourced from a palette of ingredients suitable for organic skin care.  In addition, Greenscents products are all certified with The Vegan Society, Allergy UK, and Cruelty-Free International.  Also, all Greenscents bottles are made from the waste from sugar cane production and carry the ‘I’m Green’ logo.


Greenscents products sell all over the world, as your site notes,  in Europe, Scandinavia, South East Asia, and the Middle East.  Where are your largest markets and is there a region you intend to focus on for growth?  

Christina: We are visiting the Natural & Organic Products exhibition in Malmo, Sweden in November and we will be focussing on our links with Scandinavia over the coming months.

What are some of Greenscents most popular as well as signature products? 

Christina: In the UK, our best selling product is laundry liquid. We offer organic essential oil fragrance blends in lavender, minty, citrus as well as our favorite non-scents – simply unfragrant – pure and unadorned with no nasties. Greenscents All Purpose Castile Soap is really becoming a signature product. It has 96% certified organic ingredients, is super concentrated and has no palm oil ingredients. Our Castile Soap has the best environmental credentials, and is competitively priced and looks gorgeous too!

Eco-friendly vegan brand: Greenscents

Christina, I noticed all your great entries at the blog on Greenscents website including one on plant-based living.  How long have you been plant-based?  Do you have other aspects of the vegan lifestyle you love to share about?

Christina: I have been vegetarian/vegan for long periods in my life. Now there is such a compelling environmental argument for vegan living it is hard to resist.  I have an allergy to gluten and I am dairy intolerant so I have to be very careful to eat the right things. I love to cook from scratch with organic ingredients when I have time.

I understand that part of the motivation in establishing Greenscents was a passion for organic lifestyle and providing quality products; but are you also quite passionate about a clean home and the general “spirit” of cleanliness?

Christina: Until my four children arrived, I had always employed a cleaner, but once I started with the cloth and spray I realized how awful cleaning was with conventional products.  I am passionate about natural cleaning and the benefits this brings to our health and well being.  With the rise in antibiotic resistance, natural home hygiene is essential if we are to have a healthy, happy home.

Have you used Greenscents products before? How was your experience? Which is your favorite eco-friendly vegan brand? Comment below.

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