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Compact Nurseries: Tips for Designing a Small Space

by | February 8, 2019

Nesting is an essential part of the pregnancy experience for many expecting mothers and more often than not, it begins with setting up a nursery for your soon to arrive baby. Sometimes, you may not have a space as large as you would like for a nursery, or maybe you are giving minimalism a try. Either way, designing compact nurseries is doable with enough effort and creativity. Here are some tips on how to successfully design your nursery no matter the size.

Compact Nurseries: Tips for Designing a Small Space
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Compact Nurseries: Tips for Designing a Small Space

Choose a theme and stick with it

When it comes to small spaces, you will want to be as organized and cohesive as possible so that your space doesn’t look too cluttered. By choosing a color theme, you can make the space look as relaxing and spacious as possible. Think of using light neutrals with pops of color, such as, a warm cream color with pops of pink and yellow.

Get multi-functional furniture

Make the most out of your space by choosing furniture that serves at least two purposes. For example, you can choose a crib with built-in drawers or a changing table that has a built-in dresser in order to get the most out of your limited space. Between shopping around at IKEA and Walmart paired with some DIY work on second-hand pieces, almost anything can be made into a multi-functional item.

Choose one “statement” piece

With compact nurseries, you will want one statement piece to bring the room together. This is where you can really have fun with your nesting. A statement piece can be a thrifted rocking chair nestled by the window, a patterned plush rug, or a special hand me down, if your mother is willing to pass something down from your old nursery.

Anticipate the changing space

Usually, the nursery will evolve into a toddlers bedroom and maybe even a teenager’s. Anticipating on how the room will change may indicate some of your ideas. Painting cute elephant motifs on every wall might seem like a cute idea now but after some years, you may need to change to a more neutral wall. Instead of larger changes, try cheap and easy decoration, such as, wall decals or framed artwork for your nursery.

Do you have any tips for designing compact nurseries? Let me know in the comments below.

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