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Plan A Vacation With Your Kids To The Most Vegan Friendly Cities in Spain

by | February 8, 2019

Fancy vacationing with your kids amidst the beautiful landscape of Spain? Here’s a guide on the most vegan friendly cities in Spain.

most vegan friendly cities in Spain
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Vegan Friendly Cities in Spain

There are only four more months until Summer vacation, which is crazy because 2019 feels as if it had just started. If you haven’t yet planned a family trip, Spain is a viable choice. With the gaining popularity of budget airlines, you won’t have to break the bank to go on a fun family outing. Spain even has a few vegan-friendly cities which are full of art, history, and fun. Here are three vegan friendly cities in Spain to visit on your next vacation.


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On the northeast coast of Spain, you’ll find the modern, bustling city of Barcelona. As a student city, Barcelona is a hub for people from all paths and it is great for us vegans. After you make sure to watch the Montjuïc fountain’s nighttime show, you will want to stop by for a cheap yet filling bite and a glass of Spanish wine at Veggie Garden. A delicious bakery to stop by for breakfast, head over to Santonio Cafeteria Vegana for a cruelty-free take on traditional Spanish delicacies.


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The capital of Spain and home of the world-famous Museo Nacional del Prado and a Parc de Atracciones, Madrid is fun for both your history buff of a teenager and your playful little one. The museum hosts some of the most iconic paintings in European history and the attraction park features family-friendly rides. Madrid is located in central Spain with easy access to the ancient city of Toledo. During your visit to Madrid, it would be a mistake to miss out on vegan eats spots like Vega and Viva Burger. Don’t forget to check out the weekend markets to stock up on fruit to munch on when you’re hopping from monument to monument.


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West of Madrid, and not too far from Portugal, Salamanca is another Spanish city where vegans can find solace during their travels. If you’re in the mood for a quick bite, take a detour from visiting the breathtaking Cielo de Salamanca to relax with a coffee and plate of the day at Mixology. Mixology is a 100% vegetarian spot with a good amount of vegan-friendly options.

Have you ever visited any of these vegan friendly cities in Spain? Let me know in the comments below.

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