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Will Meghan Markle Use a Doula?

by | February 6, 2019

As far as we’ve seen, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry don’t mind veering away from royal traditions, and it’s possible that the birth of their first child this spring will be no exception. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are about to move into their new home at Frogmore College and are getting their birth plan in order. Sources say that the former actress is planning on having a natural delivery with the aid of a doula and a technique called hypno-birthing. Sources close to the couple also say that Meghan Markle has been receiving acupuncture.

Will Meghan Markle Use a Doula?
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Will Meghan Markle Use a Doula?

According to sources, celebrity acupuncturist Ross Barr has been helping the Duchess to relax during her third trimester. The Sun newspaper has reported that Meghan Markle has hired a doula to provide support to the couple, before, during and after the birth of their first child.

The Duchess is reported to have hired Lauren Mishcon, a London based doula. When asked about the news on an online doula forum, Lauren neither confirmed nor denied that the royal couple has hired her. Simply stating that she is busy this spring and couldn’t possibly say, the doula added a winky-face emoji.

Vanity Fair has reported that Markle’s mother Doria Ragland will be in the labor and delivery room with her daughter. The magazine reported that the grandmother-to-be wants to be around a lot when her new grandchild arrives and there are apparently plans for a dedicated wing, a granny-flat if you will, in Meghan and Harry’s new home.

A doula is a non-medical professional who is there to provide support and to advocate on behalf of the mother. A lot of women are choosing to have doulas at their side during labor and delivery. While a doula is hired to provide emotional support and advocacy, they do not replace doctors, nurses, or midwives.

Did you hire a doula during pregnancy? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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