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Cute Cruelty Free Onesies For Babies That Will Melt Your Heart

by | March 10, 2019

Cruelty free onesies for babies are an absolute staple in every newborn’s dresser- they’re easy to get on and off, comfortable, and of course, can be some of the cutest ever. Of course, in addition to the adorable finds you received at your baby shower or handed down from a friend, you will want to include a few personal choices that represent yours (and your newborns!) vegan lifestyle. Whether you’re an expecting mom or heading to a baby shower here are 5 cute cruelty free onesies for babies that will melt your heart.

Cute Cruelty Free Onesies For Babies That Will Melt Your Heart
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Cute Cruelty Free Onesies For Babies That Will Melt Your Heart

Herbivore Circle Onesie by Herbivore Clothing

Made in the USA, this onesie will show who they are- a herbivore! With an adorable light olive green background and a bold black and red logo circle, this onesie speaks loud and proud.

Let’s Avocuddle by BlueUnicornTear drops on Etsy

Are avocados your absolute favorite? Do you want your newest addition to the family to begin repping your favorite food as soon as possible? Check out this cute onesie featuring two avocados cuddling each other with the caption “Let’s Avocuddle.” This onesie is made with eco-friendly inks by an independent seller on Etsy who also uses genuine Gerber brand onesies.

Where the Wild Things Are Max Hooded Bodysuit by Target

Where the Wild Things Are was one of my favorite books as a kid, this onesie absolutely makes my heart melt. With a cute metallic crown on the hooded part and plush white material, this is definitely the choice for one of their first photo shoots.

Think Hippie Thoughts by BittyandBoho on Etsy

All vegans have a little hippie in them, no matter how young. Printed with child-safe ink, this onesie features a cute AF sunflower frame surrounding what should be the mantra of the year- “Think Hippie Thoughts”.

Blueberries Front Snap Bodysuit by Bokk Baby

Although Bokk Baby features a smaller selection of designs, they are nonetheless adorable, soft, and organically sourced. Even better, you can mail back outgrown baby clothing to the company using packaging they send you and they will donate what you send in to families in need.

Which of these cruelty free onesies for babies you liked the most? Any more to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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