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Czech Man Mauled To Death By Pet Lions, Sparking Debate Worldwide

by | March 19, 2019

In a shocking yet eye-opening incident taking place in Zdechov, a village in the Czech Republic, a 33-year-old Man- Michal Prasek was mauled to death by his captive lion, that he adopted in 2016. Such an incident essentially draws a fine line between perusing fancies (like this) and maintenance of natural order.

Tame may not be a Lion’s Forte

Alongside having the lion since 2016, he also bought a lioness last year and reportedly harbored them in locally built enclosures at the backyard of his residence. The nine-year-old lion and the lioness, which joined the family later were kept for breeding purposes. The very matter (of harboring lions in the backyard) sparked controversy and threatened villagers, and they complained. BBC reported that the man had earlier been denied legal permission to build pens into his backyard and was even fined for illegally breeding. But the clash with government authorities came to a standstill as the man forbidden anybody to step into his property. Czech Republic authorities were hand-tied, and the Lions couldn’t forcibly be removed, considering no evidence of animal cruelty found in the case against the man.

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Mr Prasek even got into limelight last summer, thanks to the horrifying fate of a cyclist having crashed on his lioness while he took the big cat to a walk on a leash. To the horrors of the people, the incident was declared as a ‘Traffic accident’ after police intervention, reported BBC. 

On March 5th this year, police authorities found the mauled body of the 33-year-old man in the enclosure of his lion. Authorities also confirmed that the cage was locked from inside. Resorting to the last means, the animals locked in separate pens were shot dead. One of the police spokespeople said it was necessary to kill the lions to get the man and there was no other option.

Abiding the wild

Such incidents, harbouring wild animals domestically had earlier too distilled the idea as fallible of caging, domesticating or rehabilitating wild animals like Lions, tigers for self-interest or out of animal love or any other purpose. It may be scintillating, an act as daring as keeping lions in the backyard, but it is eye-opening, (better be) that tame may not be the forte of lions and similar apex predators.

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Exotic animals like lions and tigers cannot be tamed like a dog or horse. Animals take hundreds of years of selective breeding to bringing genetic change ultimately gains man control in the animal’s behaviour. Despite incidents like this occurring in the past, animal-enthusiast continue to peruse exotic animals petting.

Learning that capturing or rehabilitating species like lions can be dangerous, it is therefore smart trying not to tame the wild. Such incidents are alarming. The loss of human life and consequently an exotic animal like a lion, here is this case it’s heart-breaking.

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