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David Beckham Kisses Daughter on Lips – Internet Loses its Mind

by | November 30, 2018

Internet almost broke on Monday when David Beckham posted a picture of himself kissing his 7-year-old daughter Harper on the lips. Puritans across the globe almost dropped their damn phones at the mere sight of the father showing his kid some affection. My God, the absolute horror. David Beckham kisses his daughter on lips. How dare a father show affection to his kid? Right? 

David Beckham Kisses His Daughter. And some people on internet lost their minds!

The Instagram photo shows the soccer legend, and probably the most handsome man that ever there was, giving his youngest child a a sweet little peck on the lips as they ice skate by a Christmas tree. 

Instagram users didn’t hold back in their criticism, one person wrote, “How can you kiss this little girl on her lips,” while another said, “This is not right!” and a third chirped in, “Not on lips. Cheeks is OK.”


The news that ‘David Beckham kisses his daughter on lips’ is going viral right now. Am still wondering, but why? Seriously though? What is wrong with people? It’s a kiss, from a father to his daughter. If you’re sexualizing that, I think maybe you need to walk right past the playground and jump straight onto your therapist’s couch.

While trolls left comments criticizing the affectionate act,  NFL star Brady commented, ‘Dad and daughter. So sweet!’ 

Dad to two sons Ben and Jack, and a five year old daughter Vivian- Tom sees no problem in a kiss on the lips with his kids, and has posted pics to prove it.

In February of this year, the Patriots star quarterback caught some slack himself when, during his Facebook Watch documentary Tom Vs Time, he gave Jack a kiss on the lips.

Even now,  at the age of 41, the New England football star still kisses his own father on the lips after games. 

I really don’t see anything wrong with this. I’ve always kissed my kids on the lips, and they’d probably think it weird if I didn’t. To me ‘David Beckham Kisses his daughter’ isn’t a shocking news. A father can show affection to his kids. 

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