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DuPont Launches Natural Vegan Beverage Stabilizer GRINDSTED® Gellan VEG 200

by | July 19, 2019

Technology-based ingredient solution provider- DuPont has launched a naturally derived vegan beverage stabilizer that can be used with a number of plant-based raw material. It will provide excellent shelf stability without interfering with the mouth-feel of the product. Makers of vegan drinks, this is your cue! Know more about the stabilizer here. 

DuPont Launches Natural Vegan Beverage Stabilizer GRINDSTED® Gellan VEG 200
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New Natural vegan Beverage Stabilizer Launched by DuPont

The technology-derived ingredient solution provider- DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences have launched their naturally derived plant-based beverage stabilizer called the GRINDSTED® Gellan VEG 200. The product is designed to deliver excellent stability to a wide range of plant-based raw materials without interfering in the taste or mouth-feel of the product, the company tells in its Press Release.

The vegan beverage stabilizer, according to the company’s official statement has a wide range of applicability, fitting the most demanding consumer expectations. It is designed to intermingle with a number of plant-based raw materials, providing “excellent stability and particle suspension,” and deliver high-performance across a broad range of PH. It also has low protein reactivity and all these without affecting the mouthfeel of the product. The stabilizer can be used directly in the product mix.

Lise Stouby, Senior Scientist of DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences said in the press release “Produced by bacteria during fermentation of renewable, bio-based raw materials, Gellan VEG 200 is a purely natural solution. It provides excellent stability and particle suspension and minimal contribution to the mouthfeel,” Business Development Manager of DuPont- Kirsten Braüner Nygaard mentioned the product has been made available worldwide starting July.

The Steep Rise in Graph of Clean Eating

A DuPont sponsored study, conducted by Health Focus, revealed that more than half of the consumers stated it “makes me feel healthier” referring to plant-based foods. Forty-two percent of the respondents stated they prefer a more plant-based diet regularly. Among the skyrocketing demand for vegan products (35% hike since 2014), beverages are one of the highest growth categories in the world. As much 6 out of 10 U.S consumers are increasing cruelty-free eating, making the alternatives mainstream.

In the preceding month, the company launched three clean-meat systems that were, like this launch, naturally derived. The products- GRINDSTED® PLANT-TEX MA1201, PLANT-TEX MA1301, and PLANT-TEX MA1110 meant for burger patties, cooked sausages, and cold cuts are made animal-free and are free from allergies as well. The GRINDSTED systems are meant to replace the dependence on egg whites in cooking meat alternatives. 

Are you excited to try the vegan beverage stabilizer for your plant-based milk? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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