Excess Hair During Pregnancy? Why Does It Happen?

by | August 9, 2018

Pregnancy. You gain weight, you can’t see your toes, you can’t sleep, you’re uncomfortable and now, you’ve learned about something else. You can get excess hair during pregnancy?

Where are all these ‘glowing’ expectant mothers hiding and what’s their secret to looking fabulous all the time?

You may find that your hair feels fuller when you’re pregnant, but you’re not actually growing any more hair, so what’s happening? Normally, around 85-95 percent of your hair is in whats called a growing stage, with the other 5-15 percent being in a resting stage. After your hair has gone through this ‘resting phase’ it will naturally fall out, usually when you’re washing or brushing it and it get’s replaced with new strands.

During pregnancy, however, the high levels of estrogen in your body lengthen the growing phase, resulting in less shedding and your locks feeling thicker and fuller. Some women may also notice that their hair becomes shinier, or even changes texture. So you don’t technically have excess hair during pregnancy, it’s just falling out at a slower rate. Not all pregnant women notice these changes though, as the changes tend to be less obvious in shorter hair.

Is it normal to have more facial or body hair during pregnancy?

In another great addition to pregnancy changing your body in ways you didn’t know before, yes, your facial and body hair may grow faster when you’re pregnant and its all down to an increase in hormones called androgens.

If you want to get rid of these stray hairs, you can safely tweeze, shave, or wax them away. Avoid using chemicals such as bleaches though, as they may be absorbed into your bloodstream. Most of your excess hair during pregnancy should be fone within three to six months after you deliver your baby.

Is it common for your nails to grow faster too?

You may not notice the difference, but yes your nails can grow faster too. Some pregnant women have noted that their nails get harder during pregnancy, while others find their nails get softer and are more prone to breaking. But remember, all these changes are temporary, and your body should return to normal sometime after giving birth.

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