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Food Desert Problems? You’ll Love Golden Child Wellness’ Effective Solution

by | April 9, 2019

If you have lived anywhere away from easy access to whole foods or a local farmers market, you’ll know what exactly is food desert problem. Located in lower income areas, food deserts also contribute to bad eating habits and lifestyle challenges, such as obesity and associated health risks.

Fortunately, companies are beginning to realize and address this dearth of cost-effective convenient options for fresh fruits and veggies in several parts of America. Golden Child Wellness is one such initiative that vows to make natural alternatives to unhealthy processed foods easily accessible for all, no matter your location or income group. Ordering organic and plant-based food products has been made incredibly easy with their Store App. The free app, available on Google Play Store and Apple Store, allows you to order wellness products on your fingertips with delivery as quick as the next day.

Image credits: Golden Child Wellness

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We had a chance to talk to Mr. Justin, founder of Golden Child Wellness, who opened to us on several aspects of their brand. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Could you please explain the concept of Golden Wellness? What makes it a maverick?

Golden Child Wellness is a delivery-only juice bar & wellness store based out of Hampton, VA. We’re the first juice bar ever to operate with a delivery-only business model, utilizing popular on-demand food delivery apps for local delivery, and our own app for nationwide orders.

While scrolling through your company’s Instagram page, I came across cold-pressed juices and organic wellness shots. I am interested in knowing the concept behind them?

Cold-pressed juice is made through a process called high-pressure processing (HPP). A hydraulic press machine extracts juice directly from the fruits and vegetables. Unlike conventional smoothies, no heat is used during the process and there’s no sugar or excess water added, all of which dilutes the natural vitamins and enzymes. Each bottle also has a shelf life of up to 60 days.

What exactly is Golden child wellness? What makes it a maverick?
Image credits: Golden Child Wellness

Right now we get our supply of cold-pressed juices from a New York based juice company called Pure Green.

Seems like you’re on the run to make whole foods accessible to people no matter where they live. From where did the idea originate? I am sure there must have been some personal inspiration.

I would have to say my biggest inspiration for trying to make whole foods more accessible is a rapper named Styles P. After recognizing the lack of healthy food in inner cities, he opened several juice bars in lower income areas of New York called Juices For Life. He credited a plant-based lifestyle with drastically improving his physical and mental health. He’s also the first person I ever heard talk about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle that I could really relate to.

How do you envision your brand to help with the Food Desert Problem?

Food Deserts are a very real problem in America. Most plant-based whole food stores and restaurants are found in affluent zip codes. Golden Child Wellness helps by providing a convenient way to access REAL food. I started by creating a free app that anyone with a WiFi connection could download and buy our juices and plant-based products. Now we’ve partnered with food delivery apps DoorDash and Uber Eats to deliver product on-demand locally, so you can eat healthy even if you live in a neighborhood with fast food on every corner.

Image credits: Golden Child Wellness

Coming up with plant based clean eating food options that are accessible, healthy and don’t burn a hole in your pocket, it surely can’t be easy. What challenges did you face? 

We definitely faced a number of challenges getting to this point, but challenges are just opportunities. For starters, I originally wanted to open a brick and mortar juice bar. After some difficulties, I decided to go a more unconventional route, but in the process realized I could reach more people in a shorter period of time through technology.

I also had to find distributors and brands with just the right products that are healthy with reasonable price points, which took a lot of time and research. There were also the growing pains of branding and marketing a new business, but every challenge just forced me to be more creative which helped in the long run.                     

Am sure our readers would like to catch a glimpse of the personal journey of the brain behind Golden Child Wellness. Would you like to share? 

I’m originally from Newport News, VA. I’ve been described as a serial entrepreneur. I’ve always had an interest in business/entrepreneurship and personal development. Golden Child Wellness blends both together perfectly. 

What are your future plans for the company? 

We’re excited about the future of Golden Child Wellness. I’ve recently brought on two partners I’ve known since high school. We plan on expanding our on-demand delivery into new cities in the very near future. We’re also currently developing our own branded supplements and juices that we’ll begin introducing in May.

With direct link between the food we eat and our daily mood, it is all the more important to make healthy choices. And Golden Child Wellness seems to be hitting the right chord. For more information on their products, follow then on Instagram and Facebook.

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