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From Vegan Burger to Feathers, What We Loved And Hated In The Met Gala 2019

by | May 10, 2019

Let’s give no intro to how this year’s exuberant Met Gala went. It was as eccentric, exhilarating, star-studded as ever and funny, thanks to the Camp theme. Although we were not moved with every celebrity’s outfit choices (some didn’t seem like compassionate choices the wearers could have made). Nonetheless, American singer and songwriter Katy Perry simply blew the pink-carpet in a delicious vegan burger outfit. Keep scrolling to know which ones impressed us and those that made us squirm.

met gala 2019
Photo by Mark Kamalov on Unsplash

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Katy Perry’s Impressive Vegan Burger Outfit, at Met Gala 2019, was Unmissable

A delicious looking lettucy vegan burger with the face of Katy Perry (popping from top) was spotted at this year’s Met Gala event in New York. We simply loved Katy Perry’s outfit, which was vegan burger-themed for the event. The American beauty didn’t arrive in this attention-grabbing outfit, instead she arrived dressed as a chandelier. She was dazzling with dozens of lights surrounding her, with even a bunch on her top as a headgear. However, the singer didn’t stop there.

Credit: katyperry/ Instagram
Met Gala 2019

She quickly went into the Museum’s washrooms and slipped into a giant burger that looked incredibly tasty. She was filmed climbing into the giant burger, as she could be seen already wearing a lettuce-like wrapped dress. Katy Perry had a stick on her head as well with appropriately themed shoes to complete the dressing. The entertainer, sharing her outfit on Instagram, tagged the famous plant-based food maker- Impossible Foods, suggesting her burger was vegan. She also wrote- ‘Made a meal outta it’ (followed by hamburger emoji).

Credit: mileycyrus/ Instagram
Met Gala 2019

Vegan singer Miley Cyrus made the most out of Katy’s delicious dress as she and Dua Lipa were photographed posing with Perry, pretending to embrace and bite the burger buns of the outfit – it was adorable! Miley Cyrus also tagged another plant-based meat maker- Beyond Meat. Although it isn’t certain which leading plant-based meat maker inspired Katy’s outfit, the burger patty was clearly meant to be vegan.

We Love Feathers Only On A Bird’s Body

Whereas Katy Perry chose to wear a vegan burger at the Gala, there were a few who decided to gear up with feathers. This year’s theme at the annual fundraising event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City was Camp: Notes of Fashion. Therefore, it had a number of celebs attending the event in eccentric dresses.

Feathers, to our disappointment, were found on quite a few outfits at this year’s Gala. For instance, Naomi Campbell’s pink wear had an elaborate feather studded shrug. Cardi B’s maroon dress also had a feather attached to the ending of the dramatic trail of the dress. Additionally, Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s outfits had feather dominating the design.

Credit: kendalljenner/ Instagram

Thankfully not all celebs chose to wear feathers. Vegan couple Miley Cyrus, and new-to-Met Gala Liam Hemsworth, graced in a glittery black dress and jet black suit respectively. Similarly, Billy Porter stunned the audience with his outfit adorned with a pair of golden wings. Absolutely a crowd-pleasing appearance doesn’t need to involve the killing and tormenting of animals.

Credit: kyliejenner/ Instagram
Met Gala 2019

Feathers that go on to make an outfit so-called ‘glamorous’ leaves an excruciatingly painful and bloody trail behind it. They’re no worse than fur. If it is to be traced back, one could find birds tormented, sometimes while alive, to derive feathers. And what’s more shocking? After this terrible pain is inflicted, the feathers will show on dresses, and even worse, used in household articles.

What do think about Met Gala 2019, and Katy Perry’s vegan burger outfit? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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