How To Gain Weight Over The Holidays & Enjoy Yourself

by | November 29, 2017

“How To Stay Lean Over The Holidays!”


“How To Stay Sexy Over The Holidays!”


“How To …. Blah Blah Blah”

We’ve all read it, we’ve all tried it. Maybe not all, but the majority of us have bought into it.  Better not have those extra donuts. Put down that extra slice of cake. ‘Oh no, I couldn’t possibly have another beer. I’ll be working it off for all of January’ (Who is kidding, i’d never say no to another beer)

Magazines, weight loss guru’s and everyone from the next door neighbor, to your kids school teacher talks about one thing. ‘Getting fit for the New Year’.  What’s wrong with the rest of the year? Are we supposed to feel that insure with our bodies, that it’s fair game for everyone when we’re having a good time during the holidays?

Why is it mostly women, and why are they ALWAYS wearing a bikini in the magazine. While giving reviews of the best gyms in the coldest climates.  Apart from the obvious and blatant sexism about how women must look good, and men can do as they please.  As soon as October hits, captain insecurity comes lurking around the news stands pointing out our obvious flaws and what we can do to marginally help them, while never being quite just good enough.

Gain Weight Over The HolidaysAs parents, we have a full time job, sometimes two, sometimes three! Our main job of keeping these little people alive, nourished and fit enough for some activism is stressing enough. We want a glass of wine, we want the cookies. What we don’t want is another magazine pulling out all the stops to tell us we’re not perfect.

We’re healthy enough, can we not put the brakes on the body shaming, and not all have a nice slice of cake?

Parents are amazing. We don’t need to sweat it out in the gym to look good. Nor do we need the body shaming to start on the stroke of midnight every December eve. So have that glass of wine, whip up some of those cupcakes, and just enjoy yourself. The person in the bikini is freezing anyway.


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