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Highest Earning Vegan YouTubers Revealed — Controversial Creator Tops List

by | November 20, 2019

A report by plant-based chewing gum company Chewsy has revealed who the highest earning vegan YouTubers are.

The report took into consideration the amount of money each person makes from selling merchandise, as well as how much they get paid from adverts. 

Controversial bodybuilder Vegan Gains is reportedly the highest earning vegan YouTuber, making just over $26,000 each month. The fitness fanatic is infamous for his strong opinions of non-vegans, as well as his nutrition and bodybuilding advice.

The second top spot goes to avantgardevegan, who is reported to make $25,681 a month. The passionate plant-based chef uses his channel to share his recipes, as well as his interest in fitness, fashion and travel.

In at third is High Carb Hannah, who is said to make $15,564 a month from her channel. This popular YouTuber shares her weight loss journey, as well as recipes and healthy eating advice.

For all of the YouTubers listed in the top ten, the majority of their income comes from selling merchandise, with advertising accounting for a smaller percentage of total income.

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The top ten highest earners (Photo: Chewsy)

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Trust In Vegan YouTubers

Although it’s clear that vegans listed in the report are succeeding financially, public opinion on the trustworthiness of this niche of YouTubers isn’t as positive.

Research also conducted by Chewsy shows that 69 percent of people do not trust the advice of vegan YouTubers. This is largely because these people do not have a nutrition qualification, and also because they are perceived as being “money hungry.”

Not everyone is as cynical about plant-based YouTube stars. 31 percent of people who answered the survey stated that they do trust them, and that this is mostly because the YouTubers are “very passionate about being vegan.”

54 percent of positive respondents said that they have tried the recipes from these YouTube channels and like them, and 46 percent said that they like “the message that they are promoting.”

Do you have a favorite vegan YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments below!

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