Hilarious Ways School Is Different Now That You’re an Adult Vs as a Kid

by | August 11, 2018

As a kid, going back to school as a kid meant finding some hot new excuses why the summer reading wasn’t done. But you’ve grown up and going back to school is different now.

As an adult, going back to school means you can actually get some reading done! 








back to schoolAs a kid, going back to school meant lunch was a hastily made peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and if you were lucky, maybe a piece of fruit also.






Now, as an adult, back to school, it means having a perfectly portioned organic, GMO free, gluten free,  and fit for Instagram post lunch box. back to school







back to schoolWhen you were a kid, going back to school meant someone might write on the bathroom walls about you kissing behind the gym.







As an adult, tripping up at the school front doors could go viral, and next thing you know, you’re sitting down back to schoolwith Ellen on daytime TV discussing your inability to walk in a straight line and seeking out walking therapy because school is different now.








As a kid, going back to school, you dreaded homework. Sitting on the bus or in the car, frantically trying to remember what chapter exactly you were supposed to read, and shouting out the window at your friends as you pulled up, asking for the math questions.

As a parent – you dread homework. Frantically googling the chapter and math questions.

What ways do you find that school is different now? Let us know in the comments!

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