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In Conversation With Amanda Little- the Co-founder of ABBY&FINN

by | May 15, 2019

There’s an eco-conscious subscription diaper brand winning hearts for their quality and reliable services, not to mention their amazing give-back model. This made us curious to know more about the brains behind the company that has vowed to #BeTheChange. We had a chance to speak with Amanda Little, the mompreneur who launched the vegan-friendly, eco-conscious brand, ABBY&FINN, along with her husband and their friends. Keep scrolling to learn more about Amanda and her brand, which is on a mission to bring a positive change through their ‘a diaper a day’ campaign.

Photo provided by Amanda Little

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In Conversation With Amanda Little- the Co-founder of ABBY&FINN

Here are the excerpts from the interview.

The name, Abby and Finn, is truly unique. I read on your website ‘Abby’ is an anagram for baby and Finn stands for families in need. What was the inspiration behind this concept?

It is a brand built by parents, for parents, and we wanted to ensure that our values were reflected in our name. As you mentioned, ABBY is an anagram for baby. As ABBY&FINN grows, we plan to expand our product offerings to serve babies in adjacent categories outside of just diapering. The FINN in our name stands for Families In Need. Our mission to give back is the heart of our business, and by putting it in our name, we are committed to ensuring that this promise can never be trivialized.

Screengrab from ABBY & FINN website

While there is a lot of competition with many subscription diapers services operating, ABBY&FINN stands tall offering flexibility, affordability, and quality. Conceptualizing a maverick like this isn’t easy. Have you had a prior personal experience that led you to specifically focus on the flexible model?

The idea behind our brand started when my husband and I realized that we were spending over $180 a month with another subscription company to diaper our two girls, which we thought was nuts! We wanted to use high-quality products that were free of harmful chemicals, but didn’t think it needed to be so expensive. We also found that our girls regularly didn’t finish a diaper size when we bought in bulk, so we were left with a bunch of diapers that were too small and we could no longer use. We wanted a subscription that actually grew with our kids; with the ability to mix sizes in the same box at an affordable price. After diving into the world of diapers, we realized that 1 in 3 families in America struggle to simply afford them, and that’s why our giveback is built into our business.

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Can you shed some light on the ‘a diaper a day’ campaign Abby & Finn is running? What led you to come up with this give-back model?

In America, 1 in 3 families experience a diaper need. An insufficient supply of diapers has both physical and mental health impacts on the child and the family. For every monthly subscription box sold, we donate 30 diapers to families in need through our non-profit partner organizations. So for every day you are diapering your own child, you are also providing a diaper a day to a family in need. Many daycare facilities won’t allow kids to participate without a week’s supply of disposable diapers. The 30 donated diapers can supply daycare with a full 5-day stash so parents can attend work and help provide for their family.

I particularly loved the vegan-friendly baby wipes. They are amazingly soft and gentle. Would you like to walk us through the manufacturing process? How do you source the materials?

Yes, our wipes are actually made in New Zealand and our formula consists of 99.7% triple purified New Zealand water! We wanted to create a simple, clean and natural wipe that includes as few ingredients as necessary to make a safe and useful product. While water is the primary ingredient in our formula, we also added natural soybean amino acids to prevent mold and bacteria, organic aloe vera for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and natural Vitamin E to support the immune system, cell function, and skin health. That’s it, just four ingredients!

Credits: ABBY&FINN website

As a mother, what is the one element you would always look for in a diaper? How did you make sure Abby & Finn incorporates it?

My daughters both had sensitive skin, so they often had reactions to diapers that used chlorine bleaching, lotions, and fragrances., At the time, my options were limited, and the diapers that worked the best were always priced at a premium. At ABBY&FINN we believe all families should have access to high-quality, eco-friendly diapers without breaking the bank.

Credits: ABBY&FINN website

I came across a few pictures of yours with your beautiful family and two amazing dogs. Managing work-life balance sure must be a task. How do you relax and de-stress? How does it feel running a business with your husband?

This is something I’m always working on. I have to remind myself to set work aside, put my phone away during family time and take a break. When I make a conscious effort to separate myself from work and be fully present with my family, I find I am a better parent, a more productive worker and a happier person.

Photo provided by Amanda Little

Being a small family run office, we welcome kids and dogs at work. In reality, as a working parent, it’s not always realistic to stop your workday when the kids get out of school. If needed, the kids will come to the office and help us decorate the walls with some homemade artwork!

After a long day, it’s nice to set work aside and just be with my family and play with the kids. I enjoy taking the dogs for a run to get fresh air and re-energize. Running a startup with my husband, it can be difficult to take a break from work conversations – so we often play ping pong in the evening to mix it up and engage in some friendly competition!

How is motherhood treating you? What is the one thing you absolutely love about being a mother?

Motherhood is great! My girls are now four and six years old and life is in full swing! One of the best things about being a parent is seeing life through my kids’ eyes. They are curious, imaginative, full of wonder and excitement. They remind me to slow down, appreciate what we have and enjoy the moment.

Photo provided by Amanda

What is the best parenting hack you have used in situations that usually make moms feel like pulling their hair out?

Keeping toddlers entertained and somewhat quiet at a restaurant can sometimes be a challenge, especially if it’s a long wait or the kids are tired. We usually bring a Doodle Board, or some sort of reusable, mess-free coloring pad. You can draw, play tic-tac-toe, or word games without bringing markers, crayons, or extra paper.

What are your future aspirations for Abby & Finn?

Our goal for 2019 is to donate one million diapers to families in need. As we grow, we plan to expand our product offerings to other adjacent categories. Our flexible, smart subscription model will continue to offer high-quality, eco-friendly, affordable products with a built-in giveback.

Any message for Raise Vegan readers? Any piece of advice for new moms?

I definitely don’t think I have it all figured out! I have learned to embrace and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of being a parent. There’s no doubt that parenting has its challenges and you are constantly surrounded by opinions of what you should be doing. I think once you acknowledge that you aren’t going to get it right every time, but are trying your best, you can really savor the experiences and enjoy it!

Have you tried their subscription diaper service? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments below.

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