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Is Russell Brand Too F***ing Sexist to Wipe His Own Kid’s A**?

by | January 23, 2019

In an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine, Russell Brand came up with a very 2019 reason for not bothering his arse to do any of the parenting “dirty-work.” Brand paints himself out to be a new-age, sensitive father who does not, in fact, do any of the parenting. Sure, why would he when he has a wife who gladly picks up the slack? Is Russell Brand too f***ing sexist to wipe his own kid’s a**?

russell brand too f***ing sexist
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Is Russell Brand Too F***ing Sexist to Wipe His Own Kid’s A**?

The comedian and self confessed womanizer is obviously grown enough to bed over a thousand women, but apparently is just too damn sensitive to change a dirty diaper. Brand claims that he feels inept when it comes to parenting. Thankfully though, he’s extremely focused on the mystical connotations of his daughter’s beauty, but when it comes to basic needs, he’s happy to let his wife, Laura Gallacher, fight all the battles. She is an expert in domesticity after all, according to Brand.

Brand goes to tell about that one time he looked after his daughter on his own, she dropped two social classes and was running around a coffee shop covered in her own poop. Luckily for the kids, Laura is astonishingly domesticated. Does she really have a choice though? Someone has to step up and be a grown-a** parent for these kids. It makes me wonder if she has to take care of Brand as if he’s a child too. Is Russell Brand too f***ing sexist to realize the enormous physical and emotional toll this can put on a person? This woman must be exhausted to not only have to care for these babies, but a man child as well.

I used to tell people how lucky I was that my kid’s father was so hands-on. I’d proudly tell them that he was the first person to change our daughter’s diaper when she was born. Lucky? WTF? What was I thinking, and why did I feel that way? I wasn’t lucky; it’s his kid too. It should just be expected that Daddy is going to do his fair share of the menial parenting duties, why on earth is he getting praised for it? I don’t remember anyone swooning when I changed a diaper, or cleaned up the disgusting mess of an explosive car seat poop.

Unsurprisingly, parents on Twitter have a few things to say about the comedian’s childish excuses for being a hands-off dad.

Is Russell Brand too f***ing sexist to do basic parenting duties? Is he benefitting from the subtle form of misogyny that so many husbands and fathers do? Basically, if you do a really sh*t job at something, you won’t be asked to do it again.

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