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JUST Inc. All Set TO Launch Vegan Alternatives In Mainland China

by | December 18, 2018

JUST Inc., Silicon valley’s biggest plant-based food tech company is about to launch its Vegan Eggs in China. Its co-founder and CEO, Josh Tetrick visited Shanghai recently, prior to the much anticipated vegan eggs launch in the Asian country. 

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Just Inc Plant-Based Alternatives

The food tech company will begin selling their widely appreciated plant based alternative in China from the early half of 2019. The mung bean based vegan egg would be sold through food service channels powered by multi-million partners like Alibaba group and JD.com

Alibaba owned food service channels, such as Hema (super market chain) and Hunter Gatherer (restaurant in Shanghai), would make JUST Eggs available to their customers. 

Launch of Vegan Eggs in China would be a big move, as it opens the doors for the potential future of cell cultured meat, JUST is presently working on.
According to Forbes, Tetrick seems to be eager to explore the growth potentials in mainland China, the daily billion eggs consuming country, ready to welcome newer alternatives to traditional animal farming. Pollution, climate changes and scarcity of farm lands have lead tech savvy food sellers in the country to explore new options. 


About JUST Inc.

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Established in 2011, JUST is a US based food tech company (earlier named Hampton Creek) that started out with their iconic JUST vegan Mayo. The overwhelming positive response they received from animal lovers worldwide made the food tech company to come up with plant based egg alternatives. Presently, the company is working on developing cruelty free cell cultured meat. If all goes well, this could be a start of Vegan revolution. 

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