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Passing Up Going A Vegan Cruise To Enjoy The Beauty Of The Last Continent

by | December 17, 2018

Chances are you have heard of more and more people taking cruises to Antarctica at this time of year. And, you may be wondering why anyone would want to visit a frigid, desolate, and an isolated place where no one lives? Especially if you strongly dislike winter like so many others.

The fact of the matter is, Antarctica possesses a unique beauty that you would not be able to experience anywhere else. Even with the freezing temperatures, visitors who have gone on cruises to the seventh continent have been blown away with its incredible beauty and atmosphere. They basically have said that it is like stepping foot into another world.

And, because this is the time when the astral summer is on the horizon, it is an ideal time to go to enjoy its beauty. Not to mention, this is a time when there is 24-hour sunlight.

This kind of trip may be expensive, but it’s a great way to spend your money considering going to Antarctica is a once in a lifetime thing to do. And, if this is something that you have considered doing but you were concerned that none of the cruises heading over there offered vegan food -you are about to learn about something amazing and at the same time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

vegan cruise
Vegan Cruise
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Vegan Cruise

According to PETA Prime, you can join Mike Weinberg who had already had taken a vegan trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro on all vegan cruise to Antarctica. And, not only will the food that is served on the cruise ship be completely vegan, but the clothing that visitors are required to well are vegan too.

And, this cruise is meant to happen in February, and it is a 10-day excursion. That said, the date of the cruise starts on February 20th, and it starts in Argentina. Then, you will be passing through the Beagle Channel as well as the Drake Passage in order to enter the continent’s region. However, you will want to take plenty of organic ginger capsules with you because the chances of you getting motion sickness while passing through the Drake Passage, in particular, are high.

After going through that rough part, you will then start seeing magnificent icebergs and glaciers, as well as the breathtaking mountains. You are also going to be amazed when you see the blue water surrounding the continent because it is so pure.

You will also have an opportunity to go kayaking, and you can go on a Zodiac boat to step onto the Antarctic peninsula’s mainland to enjoy the pristine environment even more! You have 10 days to get the most out of Antarctica’s unique beauty and purity. Because once March 1st comes around, you will be having to head back to Argentina as the astral summer will be coming to end by that point.

How can you pass this opportunity up? It is well worth the money to experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! But you will want to hurry up and reserve your spot now because it may be too late otherwise! Don’t miss out on going on the vegan Antarctica cruise in February!

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