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Hot for Food, Interview with Lauren Toyota

by | December 20, 2017


We managed to snag some time out of Hot For Food Blogger, Lauren Toyota

Read on for a wonderful peek into her life & how to order her new Vegan Comfort Cook Book

Hi Lauren, thank you so much to agreeing to this interview! We have a lot of parents who religiously follow your videos for ideas, and simply because your food is amazing. As busy parents, we love the simplicity and ease of your recipes. What would you say, is the easiest ‘go to’ meals you have?

Lauren: So glad to hear that! I think the easiest and our favorite one of all would be the lentil chili cheese nachos which includes our super easy and simple nacho cheese sauce. That sauce can even be used to make a quick pasta dish like the macaroni skillet!


Daily, we meet and hear from parents, who want to transition to a plant based vegan lifestyle, but are really unsure where to start, or even how to. What advice would you give them?

Lauren: Just start somewhere. It doesn’t mean you have to go 100% vegan overnight and convert your whole family. Start with one meal or just the snacks you prep throughout the day. I do think meal prep and organization is key.



You’re constantly being referred to as the Vegan Queen’ among the parents, the one person who can whip up a delicious meal that’s fit for a five star restaurant. While you absolutely live up to that title, does it all still seem a bit surreal, that millions of families are subscribed to your channel, and everyone feels they are on a first name basis with you?


Lauren: I think that’s the best thing about the YouTube and online community. People feel like they know you and are part of your life and I don’t mind it. Especially if it makes people get inspired to cook and eat good food. Ultimately they do know a lot about me. I’m not pretending to be someone else online and I’ve always intentionally brought transparency from the beginning because that’s just how I roll. I also think my experience in television and media helps with the ease and comfort of that for sure. I’m happy people can relate to veganism in some way through me. I know it can be intimidating and I think food in general is becoming so intimidating and complicated. We just don’t know what to eat and if it’s really good for us. I just want to be a calming voice in the all the noise and make people empowered about cooking and eating. It should be enjoyable to nourish yourself, not stressful!


Late night snacks. It’s what we live for, when we can enjoy something in peace. What would you suggest for some guilt free pleasure?


Lauren: Homemade popcorn morning, noon, and night! Buy organic kernels and pop them in an air popper or over the stove in a large pot with a lid using coconut oil. Then season as desired with fresh or dried herbs and spices. Here’s my favorite recipe from the blog.  If you have a sweet tooth banana ice cream or blended frozen fruit is quick and easy to prepare too.


Lauren, your skin is always flawless! What do you use on it, tell us that amazing vegan cream you’re using.


Lauren: Well the vegan lifestyle helps with that I think, but I clean and moisturize with oil. I use 2 products from one of my best friends line, Province Apothecary. The moisturizing cleanser to wash and custom face serum to moisturize are the ones I use daily. Using oil is the best switch I ever made.





To find out more about these vegan powerhouse. check out her You-Tube Channel and Amazing Vegan Hot For Food Blog



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