Meet Vegan Moms From Stockholm: Talking With Jannika

by | May 8, 2019

As part of the interviews series with vegan moms from Stockholm and the ongoing ‘people of veganism’ drive, Raise Vegan’s Sweden based PR Director Annika Lundkvist interviewed Stockholm based vegan mother Jannika Navjord.

All I do is influenced by my choice to be vegan. For me, it is about solidarity and a willingness to improve. To take a stand in different ways for what I think is right.”

Jannika, IG @jannika.navjord

A native ‘Stockholmare’, Jannika still dwells in Sweden’s capital region with her husband Maxi, five children (Gabriel, 25; Ashah, 22; Sara, 20; Botilda, 12; Asker, 2), dog Aslan and two cats Maja and Isbjörnen. Jannika is a security guard who has also written vegan children’s books. She became a vegetarian at age 15 and over time turned to veganism with an increased focus on animals and nature as well as health. Jannika is also a public figure in Sweden, as a participant in Swedish reality series Tunnelbanan as well as in this years reality show Robinson (Survivor 2019).

Photo: Annika Lundkvist
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Vegan moms from Stockholm

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Meet Vegan Moms From Stockholm: Talking With Jannika

Here are the excerpts from the interview:

How has veganism influenced your lifestyle in general and your interaction with people?

Jannika: All I do is influenced by my choice to be vegan. For me it is about solidarity and a willingness to improve. To take a stand in different ways for what I think is right.

I am passionate about spreading greater knowledge and inspiring people in different ways to test plant-based food dishes, and through conversations develop new thoughts about animals right to their own lives.

Photo: Annika Lundkvist

What is your perception of the vegan movement in Stockholm and more broadly in Sweden? 

Jannika: Stockholm is a very good place to be vegan. There are plenty of options for food as well as vegan or vegan friendly events. Nationally, a lot has happened in recent years. Many restaurants have plant-based alternatives, supply in stores are huge and even fashion and slow fashion is developing strongly.

What developments do you look forward to seeing with the vegan movement over the next several years?

Jannika: What is missing is, for example, plant-based food at preschools and schools. This should not be a problem. I also would like to see a more united front in the vegan movement.

What are some of your families favorite dishes to enjoy together as well as restaurants locally to dine at?

Jannika: The kids love to make their own pizza. Otherwise, we eat a lot of lentils. If we go out and eat, Hermans and Chutney are two favorites.

Jannika’s published children’s books
Photo: Annika Lundkvist

You have written some very popular children’s books on veganism. Can you tell us more about that?

Jannika: I have written three vegan little children’s books. One showing off plant-based food, one about animals at the zoo and one about animals at the circus. 

I myself lacked vegan children’s books when the children were small so together with the publisher, I decided to make my own and the interest has been huge.

Jannika’s published children’s books
Photo: Annika Lundkvist

Can you share more about the themes of each of the three children’s books?

The first book with the theme of food came about because I wanted to create a children’s plant-based food book without having to explain why we did not eat half of the things others do or lie about what it was. I want vegan children to be able to recognize their food, that they may be in a vegan norm for a while.

After the food book, came the theme zoo and circus. I chose these topics because they are things that are often presented as so fun and enticing and I wanted to present a little thought that it may not be so fun for the animals.

Because both the zoo and the circus are packaged as fun entertainment, it obviously also attracts small vegan children and so my books give suggestions on how to create the same kind of experience but without using the animals.

Stay tuned to meet a few more vegan moms from Stockholm. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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