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More Than 500 New Vegan Restaurants Opened During The Coronavirus Pandemic

by | July 31, 2020

Despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, more than 500 new vegan restaurants have opened around the world during this time.

Data from online vegetarian and vegan food review service HappyCow has highlighted the boom in meat-free businesses.

HappyCow reported that although 413 plant-based restaurants have closed their doors during the pandemic, 517 new ones have opened.

“That Is Exploding”

“About a third of the countries…have a net loss of vegan restaurants now due to closures versus openings,” explained Ken Spector, HappyCow Principal.

“But two thirds have a greater number of additions than vegan restaurants and stores that have closed,” Spector added.

“These were purely vegan restaurants. We’re not even talking yet about vegan options. That is exploding.” 

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More than 500 plant-based eateries opened during the pandemic (Artem Oleshko/Shutterstock.com)

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Vegan Restaurants

A huge number of businesses across all industries have closed their doors as a result of COVID-19, with plant-based eateries being no exception.

The figures from HappyCow show that 88 US plant-based restaurants closed, with 99 new ones opening, and in the UK 25 eateries closed, with 46 new ones opening.

Additionally, a number of existing restaurants around the globe have reported that they are transitioning to a totally animal-free menu due to the pandemic.

Burgerlords — a popular burger chain in Los Angeles — is one of the latest businesses to ditch animal products. The chain has now launched a new menu featuring entirely plant-based options.

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