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Octavia Spencer Appears In Beyond Meat’s First TV Commercial

by | August 4, 2020

Beyond Meat has aired its first television commercial, narrated by Academy-Award-winning actor Octavia Spencer.

The advert for the vegan food brand was shown on Spectrum Sportsnet last night during a basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz.

In the commercial, Spencer — who is a brand ambassador for Beyond Meat — asks viewers to imagine a world in which animals aren’t used for food.

“I’m really proud to be a part of this movement and love that Beyond Meat is inviting us all to imagine a brighter future with the simple question: ‘What If We All Go Beyond?’” Spencer says.

“The Power Of Collective Change”

“I see the power of collective change happening all around us, and the future of our food is no different,” she continues.

“My health is the reason that I’ve started eating more plant-based meat, and Beyond Meat’s products taste so good, it made the transition a welcomed change. I can’t wait to share the experience I’ve had with more people and invite them to try going beyond, too.”

octavia spencer actor commercial
Octavia Spencer is a brand ambassador for Beyond Meat (Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

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Octavia Spencer

In an Instagram post earlier this year, Spencer wrote, “Never thought the day would come when this diehard carnivore would embrace plant-based meat.”

“But, @thepatrickgoudeau who is vegan, kept cooking his @beyondmeat sausages and burgers and I was intrigued.”

“They are delicious!!!!! So, I’ve decided to implement it into my diet since I’ve learned that ol’ ‘Rona19 is quite attracted to me and those with my body type.”

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