Leonardo DiCaprio Tells 45 Million Fans That Animals Are Worth More Alive

by | August 2, 2020

Famous actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio has told his 45 million Instagram followers that animals are worth more alive, as he called for an end to the wildlife trade.

DiCaprio recently re-shared an Instagram post by wildlife protection organization WildAid, announcing the news of Vietnam’s wildlife trade ban.

Alongside his post, DiCaprio wrote, “In the next few weeks, CHANGE, WildAid, the Pangolin Crisis Fund, and other partner organizations will continue to carry out a series of activities that will promote the Prime Minister’s instructions, raise awareness, and ultimately change wildlife consumption behavior.”

“This Is Huge”

“Conservation organizations will work with relevant authorities and assist with activities designed to strengthen law enforcement, helping to strictly enforce violations on wildlife trade and strengthen monitoring of wildlife farming activities, in an effort to ensure products are not laundered into trade.”

“This is huge for both the protection of wildlife and ourselves. We must end the trade.”


leonardo dicaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio has voiced his support for ending the wildlife trade (Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com)

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Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio has often used his vast platform to raise awareness of the connection between animal agriculture and climate change. He was the executive producer for animal rights documentary Cowspiracy, and is also an investor in vegan food brand Beyond Meat.

Last month, the star gave his support to a campaign by the Global Wildlife Conservation group to prevent the government of Cameroon from destroying parts of the Ebo Forest.

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