Our Favorite Vegan Vitamins For Kids

by | May 31, 2018

Do kids need vegan vitamins?


We all know that kids, especially toddlers, can be picky eaters. It sometimes seems as though they eat 2 bites of food, burn 6000 calories and never sleep! Everyone wants their children to be healthy, and many omnivores have this idea that somehow vegan kids are less healthy and need supplementation. The truth is that everyone needs some form of supplementation, not just vegans. The idea that a child eating the standard American diet (filled with cow breast milk and animal flesh) is healthier than a child eating fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds, and legumes couldn’t be further from the truth.


While yes, vegan children eat a wide variety of plant-based foods, it’s still important to supplement their diet with certain vegan vitamins, such as B12. The main reason for this is that B12 is extremely difficult to naturally find in food, many vitamins and minerals have been so depleted from the soil. This happens from constantly using the same soil over and over again to grow food, and then not restoring all the original vitamins and minerals back into the ground for the next batch of food to reap benefits from. Not every person will need the same supplementation (with the exception of B12), as someone who lives in Alaska will have different foods available to them than someone who lives in Hawaii. Vegan or not, it can be a good idea to get a blood panel done and see where your child’s vitamin and mineral levels are at and supplement accordingly. Supplementing doesn’t mean you have to go out to your nearest pharmacy and buy a bottle of nasty sugar filled chewables, there are many ways to supplement with fortified foods or natural vegan tinctures. 



Here are some of our favorite vegan vitamins for kids.

VeganSafe B12: Arguably the most popular brand of vegan vitamin B12 on the market, this B12 is powerful and pure.


VegLife Vegan Kids Multiple: A whole foods children’s multivitamin that is free of artificial flavors and sweeteners, this multivitamin is chewable.


Vegan Ddrops: It is often recommended that newborns and children who don’t see much sun take a vitamin D supplement. This one is as pure as pure can get, with coconut oil as it’s carrier oil.

Herb Love Iron Tonic Tincture: Made completely from herbs, this is an extremely pure (and bitter) supplement, this liquid supplement is a great way to boost iron.


Joy Spring Vital Vits Daily Herbals: Another liquid supplement that is made with pure herbs, it’s a great way to be sure your little is getting enough of everything they need.



These vitamins are merely suggestions, I highly recommend doing your own research and purchasing vitamins based off of your child’s specific needs. Many of these brands carry a variety of vegan vitamins and therefore may have the specific one you are searching for. First and foremost, getting as many vitamins and minerals as you can straight from whole plant foods is the best way to go. Vitamins supplements are exactly as the sound, they’re simply supplements, and not meant to completely replace vitamins from food. Which vegan vitamin brands are your favorite?


Emily Kru. I grew up on the West Coast of Canada and currently live in Northern California with my amazing husband and our beautiful vegan daughter. I love researching all of the amazing benefits that go hand in hand with being plant-based, so I was thrilled to find Raise Vegan and become an active writer for this inspiring team. When I’m not writing for Raise Vegan, you can find me on Instagram!


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