Paging Paisley: My Partner Wants To Introduce Eggs And Dairy

by | January 13, 2018

Paging Paisley:
We are currently expecting our first child, and while both of us are plant-based, my partner is afraid that if we don’t introduce common allergens like egg and dairy, that our son might experience problems later in life. We are afraid that if he has a bad reaction, it could kill him. So we are on the fence about giving him the foods to just “introduce them” to his system, even though it goes against the very core of our belief. We need help!
Signed, Distraught Mom


This may not be the approach you are looking for in an answer, but here goes.

When raising our babies vegan, it is of course our hope that they would choose this lifestyle for the rest of their lives. They are being raised to understand why this lifestyle is not only morally correct, but also a healthier choice for us.

I personally do not find an allergy to egg or milk a thing to worry about. If for some reason they choose to eat this in the future, and they find out they are allergic, it certainly wouldn’t mean a great deal, as they are already raised on a diet without these foods. They could easily go about life exempting these from their diets without feeling like they have lost anything. It might even encourage them more to stick to a diet that makes them feel better.

According to studies from the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, 75% of all people are lactose intolerant without even knowing it. Now, I do of course understand there is a difference between intolerance and allergy, but either way allergic or not, one should not be eating these things.

I would absolutely not feed my children eggs or dairy to prepare him. I honestly don’t know what I would be preparing him for.


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