Paging Paisley: Non-Vegan Food Enticing My Vegan Kid

by | January 9, 2018

Paging Paisley:  
While at a play date the kids where offered a non-vegan snack. I froze. I said my son couldn’t have any and he threw a fit. I was so embarrassed. Any tips on how to handle this kind of situation?
Signed, Embarrassed Mom

My son was graduating his 3yr old gymnastics class, and they made had made goodie bags. They asked if anyone had allergies because there was cookies, juice boxes, and clementines in the bags. I said that my son was vegan so the cookie was not going to work, and the juice box was full of sugars so I didn’t want him to have that either. I panicked a little bit thinking of his reaction when he noticed his bag had nothing in it. Then I remembered I had one of his snack bars in my bag and so I handed them that and his water bottle. His bag was just as heavy as the other kids and he was super excited for a snack bar and a clementine.

Now, I usually always forget to put snacks in my bag, but that was surely a reminder that I should NEVER forget that. Because you never know when a situation like that might arise. Having a favourite snack on hand will make them most certainly forget that they aren’t getting what the other kids have and just have them focusing on getting a treat.

This is my biggest tip! Be prepared!

Also, something I always do if I am aware that a situation with non-vegan food is coming up, I like to try and talk to my kids and explain that there will be food where we are going that is non-vegan, but that I have something special for him and that he will not be eating what the others are eating. He is usually completely fine with this, and it helps him to know when the moment is there that he is not going to go without or have to feel uncomfortable.

If a situation is to come up unexpectedly, the best way to handle it is to take your child to the side somewhere where you can be alone with them to explain. That way he can ask any questions he has without him feeling embarrassed, and you can do your best to explain without feeling judged.

So prepare your purse, prepare your kid and prepare yourself.

Being different is not always a bad thing, and that is one of the toughest lessons for a child to learn.


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Paisley Andersson Momma of two boys. Wife of omnivore. Our home is a vegan, organic, home birth, extended breastfeeding, love filled house, which for now, is in Scandinavia. You can find me on Instagram.


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