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Parenting Challenges: Three Clever Ways to Manage Your Teen’s Screen Time

by | March 3, 2019

If you’re a parent finding it difficult to separate your teen and his phone, here are the three clever ways to manage your teen’s screen time. Read ahead to know more…

Did you know that teens spend on average of nine hours in front of a screen every day? If you have teens, as I do, you’re probably aware that they’d like to spend twenty hours a day glued to their iPhones, and gaming consoles.

Clever Ways to Manage Your Teen's Screen Time
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Clever Ways to Manage Your Teen’s Screen Time

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Clever Ways to Manage Your Teen’s Screen Time

Managing screen time is an endless fight in my house. My teens lose their minds when I take away electronics. It’s as if they’re actually addicted. While I do try to limit their screen time and they’re mostly good about following the rules, sometimes they will lose electronics as a punishment. Well, let me tell you, the tantrums that are thrown rival those from the ‘terrible two’s’ era.

Experts recommend limiting screen time to just one or two hours per day at the most. I’m thinking that maybe these experts don’t have teenagers that they have to argue with every day, or perhaps I’m just a terrible mother. Anyway, here are a few tips for limiting screen time.

Set an Example

Our kids are watching our every move, and learning how to behave by not only what we say, but also from what we do. If everyone in the family, including yourself, has screen time limits then teens will be more likely to follow them.

Make Screen Time a Privilege

Our kids these days are so lucky, they’re so privileged, and they haven’t got a clue. Having an iPhone, laptop or a gaming console is a privilege, not a right. Screen time should be earned, not just given freely, and it can be taken away.

Have your teen earn screen time by finishing their chores (without whining), doing their homework as soon as they come home, keeping their room cleaned, etc.

Parental Controls and Monitoring

Parental controls and monitoring programs can help you keep good control over your child’s screen time.

Monitoring apps can be installed on phones that will allow you to keep track of their usage. Windows 10 has great parental control settings. You can set time limits and also set a window of time where the computer can be used. If your teen tries to use the computer beyond the time limits a pop-up will appear that requires an adult to log in.

How much time does your teen spend in front of a screen every day? Got your own set of clever ways to manage your teen’s screen time? Share with us in the comments below.

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