Parents Come Together To Raise Vegan Children & Results Are Epic!

by | January 12, 2018

What started as a small group of parents in an online Facebook group. Has now spanned the entire globe in a joint effort to raise a healthier, and cruelty free generation.

Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting, which was a small host of people, mainly in the USA started out as a chat, and small community of new parents who knew they wanted to raise vegan kids, but were unsure of the nutritional, health and even legal complications that would come with it. As everyone knows, you only get one chance to raise a child, and the majority of parents want to ensure they give their children the best start in life.


Community & Sense Of Belonging

As news spread in 2016, that Italy was proposing to ban parents from raising their children on a vegan diet. More and more parents came together to seek out what they knew was a healthier lifestyle. Asking questions that ranged from pregnancy, infant formulas, and toddler nutrition. Although the humble gathering had formed in 2013. It wasn’t until parents were suddenly faced with forcing their children to drink dairy and eat meat, that reality that coming together was their best option at raising kids on a vegan diet.


Strength In Numbers

As the vegan movement grows, so does the parenting community. As recently as December 2017, some of the medical establishments have backed a vegan diet, asking practitioners to suggest it to their patients. With schools within the LA region offering up plant based meals with roaring success. Demand withing the communities are starting to show. With NYC banning animals in circuses, as parents don’t want to bring their children, and 100% vegan formula hitting the market for newborns. It shows that together, we can make a change.


Publications and 2018

The real breakthrough happened, when the very first vegan parenting magazine hit the market, that was staffed by vegan parents and for vegan parents. Raise Vegan was born out of a demand, that parents had no where to just spend time reading about issues related to pregnancy and parenting. That was 100% plant-based and not offering up recipes of animals, or products that is not without their outlook on life.


What’s Next?

With no outlook of slowing down, and the rise in veganism in 2018. We expect to see a lot more parents, new and old realize that children can not only survive, but thrive on a vegan diet, and with that. A million new activists are born. Raise Vegan, Change The World. 



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