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Protests Planned As UK Government Backtracks On Transgender Rights Reforms

by | June 24, 2020

A number of protests are set to take place in the UK in response to a government decision to backtrack on improving rights for trans people.

In 2018, the government launched a consultation to understand how changes could be made to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA).

Under current guidelines, the GRA requires trans people to undergo a long and costly process — involving a medical diagnosis — to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate. This document allows a person to correct the gender on their birth certificate.

Despite an overwhelmingly positive response from the public in favor of making the lives of trans people easier, the government has dismissed the consultation responses.

Peaceful protests and vigils are planned across the country over the next few weeks, including in London, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol, Southampton, Exeter, and Plymouth.

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The UK government has dismissed responses to the GRA consultation (nito/Shutterstock.com)

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Transgender Rights

LGBTQ+ rights groups from a number of political parties have united to condemn Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to scrap GRA reforms.

Johnson has claimed that the results of the consultation — which numbered around 100,000 responses — were “skewed” by trans rights groups, and are therefore not reliable.

At the same time as the attack on trans rights in the UK, Donald Trump has attempted to remove protections for LGBTQ+ workers in the US.

Trump moved to allow employers to fire people on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity — a decision that was quickly overturned by the Supreme Court.

“Anti-Transgender Violence Continues To Plague Our Nation”

“At a time when the Trump administration is rolling back the rights of transgender people and anti-transgender violence continues to plague our nation, this decision is a step towards affirming the dignity of transgender people and all LGBTQ people,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, president of GLAAD.


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