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Raise Vegan Chats About Vegan Cosmetics With Gabriel of Gabriel Cosmetics

by | June 12, 2019

Gabriel Cosmetics, creators of #MistakeProofBeauty, is an all vegan and gluten-free makeup brand based in Washington state, offering eco-friendly products without any sacrifice of quality. With everything from Spring-inspired eyeshadow palettes to oily/over-active skincare essentials, this brand has your whole routine covered, whether you prefer to embrace your natural beauty or go full-glam. Keep scrolling to know more about the vegan cosmetics brand we have fallen in love with!

Credits: @GabrielNBL/ Facebook

Dubbing itself as “Gorgeously Green,” the company has been working for the past 25 years on its mission to change the beauty industry and make it kind to Mother Earth. The company’s stance on eco-consciousness is loud and proud. It runs “Gabriel Green” which is a system where their environmentally-conscious customers have gifted one free lipstick of their choice in exchange for the return of five approved Gabriel Cosmetics containers. Returning used cosmetics containers is a great eco-friendly way that consumers can help reduce waste (and also get rewarded for doing it). So if your favorite company has a similar program, we encourage you to participate.

Our Raise Vegan team had the opportunity to chat with Gabriel of Gabriel Cosmetics regarding their brand and the expanding world of vegan cosmetics. We hope that you will love hearing what Gabriel had to say just as much as we loved talking with him!

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Interview with Gabriel of Gabriel Cosmetics

Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Credits: @GabrielNBL/ Facebook

RV: How is the reception locally in your region for vegan cosmetics/body products? 

GC: Our products have always done well locally. Our biggest fans are right in our own backyard! The Pacific Northwest – Seattle specifically – has always been on the pulse with natural, ethical, vegan and cruelty-free products. 

Raise Vegan Chats About Vegan Cosmetics With Gabriel of Gabriel Cosmetics
Credits: @GabrielNBL/ Facebook

RV: Do you envision a growth of vegan cruelty-free cosmetics, beauty & body brands in the future? 

GC: Cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty products are having a major moment right now. The growth can only continue! We’re so happy to see larger brands like Cover Girl take the step to be Leaping Bunny certified and commit themselves to the cause. The next logical step is for more brands to go vegan and stop using animal products altogether. There are so many amazing natural ingredients, it’s not hard to make the switch. Younger generations are really beginning to embrace the vegan lifestyle and increase the demand for vegan products in all areas of life, which I am loving.

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RV: Any thoughts about the use of social media for mindful brands (such as yours), cultivating awareness about great products with ethical consumption & production in mind? 

GC: Social media is a great tool to educate and spread awareness – it makes getting the message out there quick and simple. I love that we can connect directly with the consumer and share the ethos of our brand, but we also learn so much from our followers and love seeing them spread awareness as well. Currently, we are obsessing over Instagram Live – it’s a great way to share a makeup tip, answer our followers’ questions, spread awareness and share why we are passionate about vegan beauty. Compassion is contagious. Our community is passionate but very inviting. We are eager to educate without passing judgment and social media is a great tool to help accomplish that.

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RV: While the market and demand for vegan beauty products are growing, there are still so many companies who are not up to speed about the reality that cosmetics can be produced ethically and vegan, without harm to animals. What do you think needs to happen to further propel the shift towards a more ethical cosmetics market? 

GC: Companies need to be shown that cosmetics can be produced ethically without sacrificing quality. We must continue to grow awareness and in turn consumer demand while increasing research and development with naturally sourced ingredients to show brands that these products work and that people want them. 

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RV: What are some of your favorite vegan restaurants, cafes, shops in your city & region? 

GC: Harvest Beat has incredible food and a great atmosphere, Plum Bistro has really upped the ante on vegan dishes, Heartbeet Organic Superfood Café is fantastic – I love their Awaken Bowl. Vegan Haven is a great place to shop for all things vegan and makes it super easy to transition to a plant-based lifestyle.

Credits: @GabrielNBL/ Facebook

Thank you Gabriel Cosmetics for chatting with us about your products and vegan living! If you are interested in learning more about Gabriel Cosmetics, you can check out their website here. If you do, be sure to let us know by tagging us on Instagram @RaiseVegan to tell us what you think.

Will you be checking out Gabriel Cosmetics? What are your favorite vegan cosmetics? Let me know in the comments below.

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