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Self Confidence In Teenage Girls: Why Do They Lose it So Young?

by | March 7, 2019

Parenting a teen is delicate task that requires you to be a lot more wise, alert and empathetic. One of the most delicate matters you’ll have to deal with is: self confidence in teenage girls. Keep reading to know more about it…

Self-confidence means something different for everybody. To your neighbor it might mean being body positive and happy in their appearance. To your best friend, maybe it means being proud and secure in their career path. To me, it means resting assured that I’m a valid human being with meaning in this world. What does it mean to you and what does it mean to your daughter?

Self Confidence In Teenage Girls
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Self Confidence In Teenage Girls

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Self Confidence In Teenage Girls

How can my daughter lose her self-confidence?

Losing self-confidence is unfortunately something that can’t be associated to a single turning point in time. It can come from uneasiness due to puberty, phobias, and even bullying at school or online. If you notice a shift in your daughter’s confidence or mood levels. don’t ignore it. Talk to her and find out the source of the problem.

What does it mean when self confidence in teenage girls is lost?

When confidence in oneself is lost, it can have a heavily negative effect on one’s day-to-day life. A lack of self-confidence can result in self-doubt, poorer performance in school or extra curricular activities, and episodes of depression or sadness. Even if someone’s confidence has been lost, with some work, it can be rediscovered and built up to stand stronger than before.

How can I help my daughter build her self-confidence?

Building-up broken self-confidence is trickier than preserving it, but it is possible. Be a role-model in your daughter’s life by showing her how to be a confident woman, how to love yourself. Practice self-love and explain the differences between self-love, confidence, and conceitedness.

Why does it happen so young?

Although cliche, society and popular culture ultimately have a lot to do with a challenged confidence level, especially in young girls. With social media exposing your child to a lot of things at a young age, your daughter’s favorite Internet personality can warp their life, attitude, and body to lo any way they please, realistic or not. Discuss the realities versus the little white lies that can be found on social media and the internet. Having these discussions may help your daughter in fighting possibilities of confidence loss from experiencing internet-created realities.

How do you encourage your young daughter to have self-confidence? Let me know in the comments below.

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