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Talking To Your Tween About Body Hair

by | February 23, 2019

If you are not sure of how to talk to your tween about body hair, some of the tips provided in this article might help you.

Body hair can be an uncomfortable topic for some, especially tweens. Puberty is already a difficult time for children, so keeping a line of connection open and focused around a combination of body positivity and healthy habits are your key to success. Here are some tips on how to talk to your tween about body hair.

Talking To Your Tween About Body Hair
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Talking To Your Tween About Body Hair

Talk body positive

Encouraging your home to be a safe space and somewhere where they can feel confident in their own body is very important. Embracing body hair is part of self-love, it is natural and normal. Set an example by loving your own body hair in a healthy way, whether it be sporting unshaved legs at home or not making hair removal seem like a painful chore.

Share safe grooming habits

Even if they are not ready to (or don’t want to) practice personal grooming, setting an example for safe grooming habits is essential. Ditch the nair, they test on animals anyways. Let them know the benefits and drawbacks between shaving at home, waxing at a salon, and threading at a kiosk. Show them how to safely use a shaving razor and how to ask for what they want when going to a professional.

Don’t leave out pubic hair

Pubic hair is something that may be new for your tween and talking about it is just as important as talking about shaving their legs. Although grooming down there may be too mature for them to worry about now, as your tween approaches their teen years and eventually their adult years, this subject might be a more important one for them.

Don’t perpetuate gender stereotypes

If your son feels the most confident within himself with shaved legs or if your daughter feels badass by channeling her inner Frida, allow them to explore how they want body hair to either be apart of their identity or not. Do not use statements such as “Boys/Girls will not like you if you shave/don’t shave…” Encourage your tween to practice their personal grooming routine for them, not for anyone else.                                   

How did you manage to have a conversation with your tween about body hair? How did it go? Let me know in the comments below

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