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Tesco Eliminating Single-Use Plastics, One Step at a Time

by | April 9, 2019

Britain’s largest supermarket chain, Tesco, has taken its initial step to eliminate single-use plastics from its stores. While the world is battling the predicaments of plastic pollution, a baby step taken by a leading retailer should have big impacts.

Tesco Eliminating Single-Use Plastics, One Step at a Time
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Tesco Eliminating Single-Use Plastics, One Step at a Time

Tesco has identified a total of 45 different products currently wrapped in plastic that will be replaced with environmentally-friendly alternative packaging. According to Evening Standard, the supermarket chain will survey its consumers to gauge reaction to the plastic elimination trail, and Tesco will keep a close watch on loose products that may contribute to food waste.

Fresh foods such as avocados, mushrooms, apples, peppers, onions and bananas will be available in plastic-free alternatives. The test will not be widespread at first, limited to two stores in Watford and Swindon.

Tesco vowed to eliminate “hard-to-recycle” plastics from its shelves by this year, and choosing alternative packaging for produce is a step in the right direction. The supermarket chain also committed to making all its packaging fully recyclable by 2025.

The Bane of Plastic Waste

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Utterly disturbing images of oceans and land covered with plastic waste often make rounds on the internet, displaying the horrible state humans have subjected the environment to. Developing and implementing strong, alternative packaging produced from natural resources is essential in the fight against climate change. With plastic waste being one of the leading causes of environmental degradation, an initiative like Tesco’s is much needed. What do you think of Tesco’s commitment to ban single-use plastics? Let me know in the comments below.

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