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The Largest Slaughterhouse in Europe to Open for Business

by | July 17, 2019

A new abattoir is to open in Huesca, Spain, that will be capable of slaughtering a staggering 30000 pigs a day, further rolling the count to seven million pigs a year. This makes it the largest slaughterhouse in Europe. Activists have been relentlessly vying against the construction and have been raising awareness on the devastating environmental consequences that are due with such big slaughtering facility. Keep reading to know more here.

The Largest Slaughterhouse in Europe to Open for Business
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Europe’s Largest Slaughterhouse To Open; Would Kill 7 Million Pigs a Year

Built over 14 hectares, the 65,000 square meters sprawled area will operate from Huesca, Spain. Regional and European activists have been relentlessly trying to raise awareness on the negative impacts that the opening of such a large slaughtering facility could incur, according to multiple Spanish media (LTR and Heraldo) reports.

As much as €15,000,000 Spanish taxes have been spent in building the new hi-tech slaughterhouse. It will employ 16,000 workers and could kill a jaw-dropping 7 million pigs a year. This makes it Europe’s largest slaughterhouse until the former leading record was held by a Denmark facility.


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Animal rights activists from Spain and across Europe have criticized the facility over the last few months while it was under construction. They have been holding protests outside the slaughterhouse as well as in the nearby towns to raise awareness on the impending horrors of the killing business, according to Veganuary.

Activists have also tried to draw attention to the mental and physical health problems suffered by the workers inside slaughterhouses. Despite the local response to the activists’ call for support, there were instances where the activists were reportedly threatened by people associated with the construction and business of the largest slaughterhouse.

A Facebook page called Stop Macromatadero de Binéfar updates people on the recent activism carried against the slaughterhouse. A petition against the abattoir has garnered nearly 6000 signatures.

Veganism Growing in Spain

Despite the supposed opening of the business of killing, Spain in recent years has seen some serious thrust in the growth of meat-free eating, according to Veganuary. A Lantern report from 2017 found 58% of participants identifying themselves meat-free and 7.8% as ‘veggie.’

Not only this, reflections from HappyCow shows a major increase in vegan and vegetarian- friendly business in Spain. From 1418 places serving plant-based foods in 2017, the numbers rose to a whopping 3064 in 2019.

What do you think about the largest slaughterhouse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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