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This Is Why Mayim Bialik Is Raising Her Kids Vegan

by | July 19, 2019

The Big Bang Theory star has made a Youtube video announcing how her children are thriving on a vegan diet. Keep scrolling to know more about her decision to raise her kids vegan.

This Is Why Mayim Bialik Is Raising Her Kids Vegan
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This Is Why Mayim Bialik Is Raising Her Kids Vegan

The actress has put together a short Youtube clip addressing some of the most common questions she gets asked about raising her children on a plant-based diet.

Hilariously the first question she covers is “will they live?”, followed by the standard question all vegan’s get asked, “what about protein?”.

In the short video, Bialik provides both practical suggestions to parents on how to get kids to eat obscure foods like quinoa, her answer “ketchup”. She then goes on to answer more philosophical topics, like how she taught her kids to be vegan. Stating for them veganism is a “philosophical, medical and spiritual decision that we make every day”.

This Is Why Mayim Bialik Is Raising Her Kids Vegan

Bialik has also instilled in her children that it is “worthwhile to make sacrifices for a greater good”.

In finishing the video, Bialik reflects that she doesn’t know if her children will always stick to their plant-based diet, but that she hopes she has instilled in them the ability to “question everything” and make ethical decisions.

Are you raising your kids on a plant-based diet? What questions do you get about raising your children vegan? Let us know in the comments below.

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  2. Barbara Gates
    July 24th, 2019 @ 11:58 am

    Great video! For all those vegan moms and dads who want their kid’s lifestyle recognized and affirmed in classroom & cafeteria nutrition education, and who believe ALL kids deserve to learn about the health, eco and ethical benefits of eating plant-protein – check out – changing the world, one little bean at a time!

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