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Australian Parliament To Crack Down On Vegan Activists

by | July 18, 2019

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a crackdown on vegan activists that enter farms to document animal cruelty. 

Australian Parliament To Crack Down On Vegan Activists
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Australian Parliament To Crack Down On Vegan Activists

Mr. Morrison, who has previously labeled the actions of the activists as on par with those of terrorists, is introducing new legislation to the lower house. Under the proposed legislation, activists who enter farms will face jail sentences of up to one year and fines of up to $12,600. 

The crackdown on activists started as a result of the Aussie Farms map which published the names and addresses of farms throughout Australia.  This map was first published by Dominion Director Chris Delaforce and the team behind the documentary. Despite numerous demands, Mr. Delaforce has refused to take down the map and it is still available.

Tensions between Australian activists and farmers have continued to simmer after multiple farms were entered, and footage obtained of the abhorrent conditions that many animals on farms face. 

In a bid to placate farmers, Mr. Morrison pledged if he was re-elected he would enact harsher penalties against vegan activists, a promise that it seems he intends to keep with the introduction of this latest bill. 

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