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Federal Elections in Australia to Decide the Fate of Vegan Protestors?

by | May 3, 2019

In the last few weeks, Australia has encountered a few protests from animal rights activist groups that perform locally. There have been road-blocking and allegedly farms ransacking among other allegations. Anti-meat demonstrations have led quiet some upheavals lately and speaking about the same Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has reportedly vowed to look into the matter with strict reversions from the government. Will Federal Elections in Australia impact vegan protestors? Know more here.

Federal Elections in Australia to Decide the Fate of Vegan Protesters?
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Federal Elections in Australia to Decide the Fate of Vegan Protestors?

According to Australia, the presiding Prime Minister- Mr. Scott Morrison has vowed if re-elected in the upcoming May 18th elections, he will make it a point to pass legislation, putting animals right activists potentially on the brink of a year in jail, if incidents like trespassing and farm invasions happen after he wins the election.

This news comes after the Prime Minister had earlier spoken about the plans to amend the law in a way that’d prevent the vegan activist organization Aussie farms to extract information of farmers and harassing them. All the announcements come after the series of invasions in farms by vegan activists. Recently on Saturday, April, 19, the Prime Minister speaking to reporters in a farm at NSW said:

“It’s just not acceptable that people’s properties, their livelihoods, their homes would be targeted as part of a deliberate campaign to bring their livelihood down. This is just deplorable.”

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The Prime Minister has even cited research to emphasize on the 40 percent children who believe farming damages the environment, reportedly saying that this is a lie told to kids and they have to correct the same.

One Year Behind the Bars

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Will Federal Elections in Australia impact the fate of vegan protestors there?

If the local media is to be believed, animal rights activists who’d take any extreme way to promote the same like invading farms would be reportedly retaliated back by the government with the “same urgency as returning foreign fighters under a re-elected coalition government,” according to The Prime Minister has vowed if he wins the May elections, he’ll pass legislation that’d make any protestors trespassing face as much as up to one year behind the bars.

It is also reported that the new legislation would be legislated in the very first parliamentary week and with the same priority as preventing foreign fighters’ return to Australia. David Littleproud, Agriculture Minister, describing the activists said they’re “un-Australian” and warned the cut-off between bush and the city needs fixing.

What do you think about Federal elections in Australia and the possible new law of jailing animal rights activists for trespassing? Let me know in comments.

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