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Unilever buys The Vegetarian Butcher to Make a Positive Social Impact

by | December 31, 2018

Unilever has purchased The Vegetarian Butcher, a Dutch company that makes plant-based meat substitutes. The global consumer goods giant has purchased the plant-based company in an effort to make a positive social impact by adding more vegan, healthier, plant-based, and sustainable options.

Unilever Buys The Vegetarian Butcher
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Unilever Buys The Vegetarian Butcher

The company says that the brand will fit in well within their portfolio of ‘brands with purpose’ and hopefully will have a positive social impact, and will be better able to meet consumer demands.

Jaap Korteweg, the founding father of the Vegetarian Butcher is himself a 9th generation farmer. Korteweg turned vegetarian after witnessing the effect of swine flu and mad cow disease in the Netherlands. Missing the taste of meat is what inspired Korteweg to search for a plant-based meat alternitave. Kortweg founded the company in 2017 and their mission is to provide high quality culinary products while also freeing animals from the food-chain.


The Vegetarian Butcher is well known for their plant-based meat products that resemble the taste and texture of meat while being completely plant-based. They offer a wide array of meatless-meat such as; vegan no-chicken chunks, vegan naked chickburger, vegan nomince, vegan smokey hotdog, vegan no chicken shawarma, vegan nochicken nuggets, and vegan no chicken teriyaki. As well as selling meat alternatives the Vegetarian Buthcer has also opened a restaurant in the Hague, where they serve up delicious plant-based meals such as; gnocchi bolognese, poke bowls, Louisiana crab cakes, Thai curry with nochicken chunks and a nut-based strawberry cheesecake.

Unilever’s Nitin Paranjpe says that the Vegetarian Butcher has a very clear mission, that paired with the rising demand for meat alternatives are what ignited the companies interest to buy the plant-based brand. Unilever currently has over seven-hundred vegan and vegetarian products for consumers to purchase, from brands such as Ben & Jerry’s.

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