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Vegan Actor Joaquin Phoenix Saves Baby Cow And Mother From Slaughterhouse

by | February 21, 2020

Vegan actor and animal rights advocate Joaquin Phoenix has rescued a week-old calf and her mother from a meat processing plant.

Phoenix took the animals lawfully from the Manning Beef slaughterhouse in California after a negotiation with the owner Anthony DiMaria.

During his discussion with DiMaria, Phoenix explains, “I don’t need any science to see with my own eyes and hear how an animal responds to pain. Right? That’s undeniable.”

“It’s not only just the death, it’s the process leading up to that death, right? Raising it, the transportation, the separation from the family,” he added.

joaquin phoenix cow save
The cows have been taken to live at an animal sanctuary (Jeffrey Schwartz/Shutterstock.com)

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Joaquin Phoenix Cow Save

Actor Rooney Mara — who is engaged to Phoenix — attended the animal save, alongside Amy Jean Davis, the founder of Los Angeles Animal Save. President and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary Gene Baur, and Earthlings director Shaun Monson, also aided in the rescue.

Following their discussion, DiMaria claims that he does not kill mothers when they are with their offspring, and offers the actor the chance to take the two animals.

The cows have been named Liberty and Indigo, and sent to live at the Farm Sanctuary in Acton.

“Kindness and compassion”

“My hope is, as we watch baby Indigo grow up with her mom Liberty at Farm Sanctuary that we’ll always remember that friendships can emerge in the most unexpected places,” said Phoenix.

“No matter our differences, kindness and compassion should rule everything around us.”

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