Vegan Birthday Party & How To Hurdle The Awkwardness

by | August 5, 2018

The Only Vegan at the Very Non Vegan Birthday Party

Being vegan doesn’t mean that your child has to miss out on fun events, such as a friends non-vegan birthday party. Nobody likes to feel left out and your child doesn’t have to! There are a few things that you can do to help make these gatherings a little less awkward and stressful.


Contact the host in advance and inquire as to what kind of food will be served at the party. By knowing that they will be serving hot dogs and brownies, for example, you can then plan to bring a vegan hot dog and vegan brownie along with you, and your child will probably just assume they’re at a vegan birthday party. By mentioning to the host that you’re bringing alternatives for your child due to personal beliefs, it will help to avoid offending them. You can offer to bring along a dish to share with everyone as well, but most parents enjoy providing the main food for their child’s party. When your child sits down with their vegan hot dog and a vegan brownie next to a child with the mainstream versions, they won’t even bat an eye.

vegan birthday party

Children seem to have the ability to go with the flow better than adults when it comes to what others are eating. Kids may not notice or even care that their friend’s hot dog looks slightly different than theirs, they’re just happy to be around each other and play. The difficult questions will most likely stem from the other adults at the non-vegan birthday party. It’s important to be confident, informed, and respond with simple, kind answers and avoid giving off a ‘holier than thou’ impression.


It’s important to show everyone love and kindness, regardless of their dietary choices. By being gentle with your words and showing how happy your child is with their vegan food, you may inspire somebody to try out a more compassionate lifestyle!


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