Vegan Company Fry's Launches "Game-Changing" Plant-Based Burger In The US

by | March 1, 2020

Popular global vegan company Fry’s Family Food is set to launch the Big Fry Burger in the US next week.

Fry’s will be introducing a number of its plant-based products — including the new burger — at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California next week.

“We are so excited to showcase our retail and foodservice products at Expo West,” said Tammy Fry, Fry’s Director of Marketing, in an email to Raise Vegan.

“Inspire Change”

“We are also thrilled to be bringing our brand new, game-changing Big Fry Burger to the U.S. this year.”

“It looks, sizzles and tastes like a ground beef burger and it’s been crafted by all of us in the Fry’s Family to inspire change for your health, the environment and the welfare of the animals.”

From March 4 to March 6, visitors to the Expo — which will take place at the Hilton Hotel — can sample some of the brand’s favorite creations.

vegan hot dogs frys
A number of Fry’s products will be introduced to the US this year (Provided/Fry’s)

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Vegan Big Fry Burger

In an email to Raise Vegan, the company explained that “Fry’s Big Fry Burger (and all of Fry’s products) contains ingredients that are natural and you can recognize.”

“The Big Fry Burger’s main ingredients are soya, wheat, onions, sunflower oil, Dijon mustard, corn flour, salt and coriander seeds.”

“The burger is also free of GMO, preservatives, and artificial colors and has a whopping 20g of protein per burger.”

healthy vegan chicken burgers
The new burgers are a natural alternative to meat products (gkrphoto/Shutterstock.com)

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Fry’s Family Food

The 30-year-old family-owned company started in the kitchen of Wally and Debbie Fry in South Africa. The vegan products that the couple invented together can now be found in 28 countries around the world.

Members of the Fry family will be in attendance at the Expo to talk about its huge plant-based product range, which includes quinoa and rice protein burgers, gluten-free chia nuggets, flaxseed schnitzels, battered prawn-style pieces, butternut balls, falafels, fish-style fillets and their multi-award-winning sausage rolls.

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